Oct 202014

Warforged Titan He looks pretty fierce. But against two Halfling Commandos? Two?
I’d bet on the Halflings.

My Gamer Girl and I are on a quest for a different type of completionist. Not someone that has completed playing every class, but rather, one that has completed playing every quest. On Elite. All of them.

Challenges too. On elite. All the stars.

We’ve run into two distinctly different kinds of difficulty.

  • Some of these quests are really hard when run on Elite at level
  • Some quests simply require a larger group and one can be hard to find

The Titan raid fit into the second group. We tried posting an LFM for the raid back when we were around that level but to no avail. We’ve been watching the social panel ever since, not just for the Titan but definitely including the Titan, but no. Not a single LFM in all that time.

And so it sat there on our quest journal, all white and incomplete, while everything around it turned yellow and red and finished.

A couple of nights ago, while my mind was doing it’s normal aimless meandering while falling asleep, the Titan wandered into my consciousness. No idea why, but there it was, and I found myself thinking about methods we could use to knock out the raid, just the two of us.

I sleep-planned it in detail. My ranger would easily kill off the top pillars, and being an evasion build, would be able to manage running the crystals and beating on the ground-level pillars too. My Gamer Girl would need to get her balance up to 30 to run the laser, but we’re epic, she can do that no problem.

Mind fuzzing as sleep approaches: oh yeah there’s all that puzzley stuff in the preraid, but I sort of remember two-manning the green room and red swim and how hard could the rest of it be? Plan largely formed, I drift off to sleep.

Yesterday it was time to put sleepy thoughts into wakened action. Door puzzles and swim puzzles and jump puzzles and detail. The two of us, just us, against all that.

At our level, the traps and bad guys are inconsequential. They get in our way, buzzing about like gnats at the picnic, but are generally ignorable and so we proceed to ignore them.

Purple room, easy peasy. Throw the big blue lever. Grab a red gem. Throw the big red lever. Dimension door.

Destroy one purple gem, heal myself through the green corridor, green room.

Ooops. I got something wrong on the green room puzzle, and we are stuck. Start over.

Purple room. Blue lever. Red gem. Red lever. Dimension door. Green room – easy peasy, get the yellow gem. Heal through the blue corridor. Deal with the warforged and golems.

Ooops. None of us are monk or favored souls. No one can jump/fly to the four levers in the blue room. We can’t run the air bridges to the levers because only one of us is upstairs and it takes two. My Gamer Girl logs out and swaps into her Druid character.

Green room. Yellow gem. My Gamer Girl and her dog throw the yellow levers upstairs while Mawry runs the air bridges. Four blue levers. Easy peasy. Run through the security barriers.

Ooops. There are five color barriers in the security corridor, but we can only hold four gems! But we are fortunate in that we kept the red gem instead of the blue, the and red barrier is the first one in the corridor.

I walk through the red barrier with my red gem, then destroy the gem and run back to get a blue gem. We’re still alive. Easy peasy.

Ooops. One black barrier remains. Consulting the Wiki, it appears we need to actually complete the Red swimming puzzle, not just throw the big red lever. My Gamer Girl swaps back to her main. I log out and swap to my OMG Artificer.

This was supposed to be the easy part! The Titan – the raid, not the preraid – was supposed to take all the advance planning!

But no.

Okay, back in, purple room. Red gem. Both of us in the red swimming puzzle. I use my artificer’s lock-picking skills and her dog (especially her dog) and we solve the puzzle. Easy peasy.

I log out and swap back to my main Mawry. Security corridor. More ignorable ogres and traps. A mindflayer. Easy peasy.

At last we are at the actual raid.

After all the difficulties in the preraid, the raid itself is a relative piece of cake (a slice of pie? A cup of cupcake?). I start the Titan off and do enough damage to bring up its shields. Holding the Titan’s attention, I grab a crystal, stuff it in the crystal oven, drop back to the floor, and move the Titan to the front left, easy laser range. Pillar chopping time. My Gamer Girl fires the laser: a hit!

Ooops, I forgot that you have to move away from falling pillars to avoid being instantly killed.

No worries, my Gamer Girl throws me a raise and we are quickly back on track. As it turns out, my death may have been an unintended blessing; when I died the Titan fixated on my Gamer Girl’s wizard behind the laser controls and never moved again, not the whole time, no matter what I did. So I dropped five more pillars on it, one after the other, my Gamer Girl never had to move the laser, simply firing it on command, and that was that.

Titan DownDead Titan.

So, yes, two people can run the Titan raid. It’s complicated, but it can be done. Apparently it is even possible to solo the Titan but I have no desire to stir the waters of that piece of work. Duo-ing was enough for me.

And for our favor. The all-quests-complete goal marches on.

We still need several heroic raids. VoD, ToD, the Hound, Master Artificer.

Think we could just two-man all of them?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. You are brave and intrepid souls. I’ve never completed a Titan Raid, but have close many times. I was able to get farther solo than in group, but I’m not good at getting the pillars to land on the Titan. Way cool you 2 peopled it.

  2. So sad that some of these raids are just dead parts of the game anymore. Loved the idea you had on ddocast of getting different gems/stones or something from each raid completed and then turning them all in for a great piece of loot or something. I think they could make it even easier by just using the saga system. Give points for each raid completed – extra points for hard and elite. Make a superb prize list with heartseeds +4/5 tomes, etc. There are some raids I’ve never run in 6+ years of playing most because when I was lower levels I didn’t own those areas, and by the time I bought them the raid was out of fashion and its hard to get a group. Great post! I love hearing of the commando’s quest for all elites!

  3. My imagination envisages this as a shadow of the colossus-style battle with the halflings scrambling all over the titan to smack it with their construct bane & smiting weapons.

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