Jun 092015

Tahitit: It's a magical place

DDO’s Lamannia test dojo is a weird place of whimsy. You can level all the way to cap in minutes. You can have as much plat as you want. Astral shards too. You can try on most of the named gear in the game. There is always a host of kobolds standing by, placidly, just waiting for your spell/weapon/Eldritch Blast testing pleasure.

I’ve written about the Test Dojo before, much more thoroughly than I am attempting today. If you are curious about the offerings of the dojo, read the older article. I just reread it and everything I said then is still true.

But this is not about the test dojo feature list. This is about the weird and whimsy of the place, the parts that make it magical. Someone, somewhere, seems to like to have fun when generating it.

Consider this view, taken last week while preparing for the first Warlock preview article:

DDO Test Dojo

The Warlock trainer is huge! The Druid trainer is a cranium rat. The daily challenge token vendor is so massive that she can barely fit, even when kneeling.

Compare that to the same view, taken this morning:

DDO Test Dojo

The Warlock trainer and token vendor have returned to normal size. The Druid trainer is still a cranium rat. But now there is a teeny tiny Nat Gann too, so small that you probably cannot see him at all in the reduced-size preview image above. Click the image to get the full-sized original, where Nat Gann is still so small I had to add a bright yellow circle to help you find him.

Looking at the first image again in full size, there are a couple of blobby pixels that may have been a tiny Nat Gann, even back then. But with all the massive and weird others standing around it is very difficult to tell.

That is the whimsy I am talking about. Add to that the buzz of people asking questions about new things they don’t understand, and the constant whine/hum/bang! of people leveling, and the ever-present world announcements congratulating this guild or the other for reaching level 200, and you have a truly magical place.

As for the image at the top of this, well, I can no longer refer to anywhere as “a magical place” without that quote surfacing somewhere in my head. If you are following Agents of SHIELD, you already know why, but if not, trust me, this is a pithy reference.

Very pithy.

Plus, I got to use the word “pithy” twice in the same article, which is probably some kind of record.

If you haven’t already, check out the Test Dojo on Lamannia. The entry door is in the Marketplace, near the gate to the Harbor. It’s just a doorway hanging there in the air, seemingly leading nowhere. Except it does lead somewhere.

Somewhere magical.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Wait, what? You can get AS in there? Where? I know you can get 2k TP per day, but AS? I’m not seeing that.

    • Ah you are right, I said it wrong. I get points from Sir Pointsalot, then use them to buy shards.

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