Aug 272014

The System Is Down. Again.

You may have noticed that loaded a little faster for you this morning. You may have also noticed that the list of people who have written articles for DDOGamer is missing.

These facts are connected.

For the second time in as many weeks, a component that I have been using on the site for years has suddenly decided to go all pear-shaped and had to be put down.

I wish that the flaky components were less … critical? … to the mission of DDOGamer. I wish that the faults were occurring in the tag cloud, or in the widget that shows you the latest comments on the site.

But no.

  • Failed Component 1: the piece that highlights the latest blog posts from other DDO writers all around the world
  • Failed Component 2: the piece that highlights the latest blog posts from other DDO writers right here on DDOGamer

A bad combination for a DDO site. Nothing for it though, researching and implementing a new component takes awhile. Rest assured that I will repair or replace these features as soon as possible.

But “as soon as possible” could still be awhile.

Bear with me. Solutions will be coming, eventually.

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  1. Do I have to make an account, again?

    Not that I have figured out how to actually start my own posts, anyway. probably for the better of all involved.

  2. So, what you’re saying is, I’m a ninja blogger now! ๐Ÿ˜€

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