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The Sun
The Sun visits House J

I’ve been on kind of a run lately with LARP-related posts. Not to worry, this is likely to be the last one for awhile. At least until next year 🙂

This is the character I created for my LARP adventure. I needed something that would be a little off the beaten path in order to ease the role-playing, but still be reasonably effective. My solution? A first-level wizard with an unusual but mostly harmless delusion: he honestly and deeply believes that he is the Sun.

Maybe he really is? Rather than invoking arcane powers and might, he recites relevant information about himself for 5 or 10 seconds when casting and it seems to work…

Class:  Magic User
Level:  1
XP:     0
Align:  Chaotic Happy

I am The Sun.

Or as my friends call me, “The Sun”.

Sometimes I meet new people and they are taken aback by this. I often wonder why so many strangers have such strong reactions. I think it is because there is only one of me and perhaps they are a bit star-struck.

Every now and then someone will try to convince me that I cannot really be The Sun. I don’t understand this either; I don’t go around trying to convince people that they cannot really be William or Dwarven or whatever. I suspect these people are suffering from delusions, but it is not polite to point such things out (and I want to be polite!). Instead I simply smile and thank them for their concern while watching out of the corner of my eye in case their delusions turn violent.

Occasionally I do have to hit something. I’m really not much of a weapons guy, but I find that a spear works pretty well. A good spear is long and sharp (like one of my rays!) and keeps everything bad at a safe distance.

I’ve been asked about my parents or family. Another strange question; after all, I am The Sun. I’ve heard all kinds of wild stories about fiery chariots being pulled across the sky or divine birds laying divine eggs or even titanic gods birthing me from their foreheads. I just chalk it up to the fact that people are intrinsically weird. I am The Sun, I always have been, it is really quite straightforward.

Because I am The Sun I have many magical powers. For instance:

  • I always do one point of damage to any target I hit even if they are in heavy armor
  • I light half of the earth every day. I light the other half of the earth every night
  • I can cast first-level Magic User spells whenever I want! And I have 24 spell points I can use every day
  • I am so massive that I can fuse hydrogen into helium just by being there
  • I can Detect Magic within 10 feet for thirty seconds, once every 3 minutes
  • I rise in the East every day. Every day. Even when it is cloudy (but you have to trust me on that one)
  • I carry a variety of oils and acids and so forth and often find them to be quite handy
  • I light all of the planets, not just the earth. I also light the Moon, except when she hides behind the earth. I especially like lighting the Moon!

Oh sorry, I got distracted there thinking about the Moon again. She is such a silvery minx, I can’t get her out of my mind. I keep sending her my very best rays but so far, nothing. I think she is playing hard to get, I mean she can’t really prefer the earth, he’s just a planet but I am The Sun!

But enough about me. How are you?

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  1. Hey, come visit me! We’re getting pounded by torrential rains for the next few days. A delusional Sun is far better than no Sun at all. 😀

  2. can we call you Sunny?

  3. Hey, being the living avatar of a star worked for Trance Gemini on “Andromeda”… so I, for one, am inclined to believe that you are, indeed, The Sun.

    Can you come visit me in mid-January? We don’t see nearly enough of you in the northeast in January. I’m gonna need a good vitamin D hit.

    (Also, great alignment!)

  4. I promise you all that I will shine on you 365 days this year! Whether you know it or not 🙂

  5. This indeed was a fun read =] Chaotic Happy. Sounds kinda like… ME!! =D

  6. Yes, but, see, my problem is for how LONG you shine on me, come January. I am, after all, the world’s only nocturnal sun-worshiper.

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