Jul 082014

Rancyd Danzing: Tavern MetalIs it still Bard Month? Apparently, as Lamannia now contains an early version of Update 22 Patch 2, which is mostly about Bards.

It is not entirely about Bards, there are a couple of bug fixes to the new ship amenities. Generally cosmetic (fixing buff texts and sail colors and adding a ship name) but not entirely cosmetic (the spirit binder will now work correctly), this patch probably wraps up the Ship Amenity work.

I hope not, they never got around to putting the guild bank back in. There was one more thing with the amenities too, I forget what it is though, maybe it was unimportant.

But it doesn’t matter because this patch is really about Bards.

Just in case you remain skeptical, let’s trip lightly through the release notes. Yes, there are a variety of bug fixes in a variety of areas. More in Three Barrel Cove than anywhere else, not surprising since it is the newest area. And there are a smattering of adjustments to areas that were not really bug fixes. Spells, destinies, that sort of thing.

But even here, the changes are Bard-focused. What spells were changed? Shout and Greater Shout. Which enhancement tree (other than Spellsinger and Warchanter) got the most work? Swashbuckler.

Which brings me to Spellsinger and Warchanter. This is what this patch is about, these two enhancement trees are essentially rewritten, with dozens of changes to each tree. Spellsingers are now much more offensive casters, including the addition of a sonic-based SLA* and a sonic DOT*. Warchanters are now a little better at melee, but a lot better at buffing. Check out this new Tier 5 Warchanter enhancement:

Chant of Power: You and nearby allied gain +2/4/6% melee damage, ranged damage, and spell critical chance.

Pretty sweet, huh?

I think it is even more impressive how quickly all of these changes were turned around by the Turbine development team. It was only a month ago, 30 days almost to the day, that we were talking about these enhancement trees in the main forums. In one month, Turbine was able to gather feedback, make adjustments, post those adjustments, gather feedback to the adjustments, and then get everything coded and onto Lamannia.

Pretty sweet indeed.

And wow, Rancyd Danzig, my poor neglected, still-only-level-16 angry metal bard is so getting a makeover. From nice-looking character with an excellent backstory and style but an all-but useless set of abilities, to someone who can really make a difference to a group.

I’m not sure if he will be a Swashbuckler or a Warchanter, most likely some kind of hybrid, but either way, if I do it right, he’ll go from “awesome-looking” to simply “awesome”.

Soon it will be true
not just a role-playing thing:
Rancyd Danzig rocks

At last. It would probably make him happy, that is, if anything made him happy.

🙂 😀 🙂

* SLA = Spell-like ability. DOT = Damage over time.

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  1. OK, if they’re somehow fitting in new tier enhancements, what are they removing to make room?

    I hope my existing spellsingers aren’t completely destroyed by this.

  2. My Swashbuckler’s has been on the fence as to what other of these two trees to train. I’m leaning more to Warchanter now for added defenses and attack but will also need some Spellsinger to improve her spellpoints. I’ve learned to do a lot with the basics (Dancing Balls and charms to go with Blur and Heroism). I’m looking forward to the update but am admittedly perplexed as to what I should take to improve charming and dancing spells.

  3. I’m kind of curious to how well my old Spellsinger will work now. I’m going to have to look into respecting Larrs because he doesn’t really have that much in terms of increasing his spell damage besides pumping skill points into perform. I’ll see what I can do with this once it goes live but I think I’m going to have some modificaitons to make.

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