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For some reason I decided to allow the random armors I’d found accumulate on my character until it was time to reincarnate. I’m sure I had a good reason. Maybe? Maybe not? Either way, come reincarnation time I had a pile of about 20.

So I put them all on Mawry and took pictures, because what else am I going to do with it? Can’t wear the stuff, the recent itemization passes had done a lot for random weapons and accessories but very little for random armor.


Fashion Show


I am apparently obsessed with armor, having written about it many, many times. Sometimes I color it differently. Sometimes I fill in parts that seem to me to be missing. But always I am writing about it. How my character looks is important to me.

I may be in the minority – for instance, my Gamer Girl cares far less about how her characters look – but from the various comments I’ve seen on this site, I am not alone. You care too, in varying degrees, some of you caring quite a bit.

The current state of random armor appearance is … interesting? It seems that most of the random armor shown above is very elaborate, featuring lots of detail and attachments, but not very attractive. At least not to me, attractiveness is certainly subjective, but I am going to guess that most of you agree with me again.

There are 20 armors in the image above. Of those, four stand out:



Old-school brigandine, kept for all these years because when you add Water Breathing, it looks like a space suit.



Shadow-Forged armor, made from Shadow Dragon scales


Dark Leaf

Cosmetic armor – Dark Leaf Light Armor With Utility Kit


Amored Panties

All of those attachments. Several pounds of steel. But even with all that, Mawry is still basically standing there in her panties.


Three of them stand out for their looks, but are not really random armor at all. The brigandine was random armor once, years ago, but no longer drops. The others are Named armor, and a cosmetic kit.

Only one of the random armors stands out, and for the wrong reasons. Because it is really Armored Panties, even though it comes with all kinds of straps and plates and attachments. Armored panties. There is another set of armored panties in the image, the same except covered with Deneith Heavy Chain. I didn’t pull it out as separate image; one was enough to make the point.

Not that there is anything wrong with armored panties. I even have characters in other games that don’t wear pants at all, on purpose. But this is not like that. This is more … by accident.

So anyway. The state of random armor, circa mid-2016.

I will admit that they are very fancy panties.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. One of my favourites is the deneith chain one, the docent version looks particularly good on a warforged with adamantine body. The ToEE armours are pretty nice and practical-looking too, instead of being armoured underwear.

  2. I like to use old random loot armour with those glamourised mirror things; I hear there’s a game you can play after you pick your cosmetics…

  3. *Wears metal armor that shows skin*
    *Sniper shoots arrows only at the exposed bits*
    “I regret my choice of armor…”

    There has been a part of me that dislikes flashy armor. Or at least flashy medium or heavy armor.

  4. At least you don’t have any of those “skirted” armors…

  5. Big fan of Elocator’s Habiliment here, several of my toons sport the cosmetic their whole career. That and the Firebreak model (variant colors found on some randoms) top my list of faves.

    • Elocator’s is one of my favourites too – combine with the lucky green hat and confetti for maximum rainbow fabulosity!

  6. The armor I hate the most is the low level Hide armor that looks like brown leather onesie pj’s covered with golf balls. But I do look at all the docents that come my way, saving the good ones.

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