Jan 042010

If you are a Completionist Reincarnate like my main Mawry, a quest full of XP is a treasured friend. And if its a fast completion … oh my, this is a friend with benefits.

I just became BFF with Litany of the Dead.

She is not a cheap date: I spent a full stack of Heal scrolls figuring out how to solo the quest with an FvS13/Rgr2. Not to mention that it has a grindy set of prerequisites (you must complete all four of the Orchard quests and also complete your Sigil). But wow was it worth the effort.

The first completion was around 15k XP. The last was only 9k, but that was the eighth run and by then I was completing it in 12 minutes. You even get a chest!

I tried to solo some the optionals too, but it was detracting from my XP addiction. Maybe in my next life?

Now I need ten or twelve more quests I can milk for 100k XP in an hour or two, when I can’t get a group.

🙂 Happy New Year to me! 🙂

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  1. Yes, indeed, very nice xp for the quest! Trickiest part is dealing with the trapped part where you head down to talk to the dragon, but if you can figure that out or have a way to self-rez it’s a piece of cake!

  2. I wonder how a melee would solo the Blackbone warrior with all the weird swords and many many hitpoints?

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