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Greenstick waited in the shadows of the passage, keeping an eye on the one they had just come through in case any Kobolds came to investigate. The Warforged could hear the soft click of the tools the Captain was using to pick the lock, so there was no need to look over to see what the Halfling was up to.  Having been through this a few times, Greenstick was able to time the rhythm of the tools. When the Captain was halfway finished, the Warforged reached deep down inside his soul to where the little ember lay. Focusing on it, it began to grow.

Otsegolation didn’t even have to give the command when she finished unlocking the door, which Greenstick was sure was fine by her. The rogue never liked being flashy, and Captain had already issued instructions. Greenstick heard the final click of the lock opening, and saw the crack of light as the Captain nudged the door open slightly. The WarforgeD issued a bellow that echoed off the walls, practically flew across the passage, and slammed into the opening. The ember from before flowed like liquid fire through his wood, stone, and, metal from, giving strength.

The fact that the now broken door swung open and hung from its hinges like a wilted flower didn’t even register. Greenstick charged towards the back of the room. Kobolds parted over the his stone legs like the water under the his feet, and arrows plinked uselessly off of his metal and stone chest. In a moment, Greenstick spotted the target. In the back of the room stood two Kobold Shamans, just starting their incantations. Raising a double bladed great axe high, Greenstick was on them in a moment.


I got my invite to the beta! It went to my spam folder, so the first time I realized I had access is when the Lama threads began appearing in my “New Posts” again. Obviously, I cant say much about it. I don’t normally like spoilers, but I couldn’t resist the urge to play with the new enhancements. August 19th is right around the corner!


I am the Key Master! Or Mistress. Whichever. I would say getting 125 PDK favor was about as easy as clearing out a wilderness area. I had to run all of the challenges, which I got 2-3 stars on. I do enjoy the Eveningstar challenges, fortunately. I ran all the quests starting with the lowest level, and I finished up with the House of Rusted Blades. That was the first time I had ever run that quest. It was fun, and not as hard as I thought it would be. The only challenge I came across was Murder by Night and The Riddle on Elite. I was unable to even make it past the first set of enemies on those with my hirelings. The PDK werewolf you fight first is CR 31 and the vine horrors were CR 26 and not in short supply. Compare that lvl 19 on elite with the lvl 22 Rusted blades on Normal. The guards were CR 20 and the end boss was only CR 26. Ouch, just ouch.

So she is ready to TR! Except I don’t have a Heart. I thought I had enough token fragments, but when I pooled the ones from Otsegolation and Otsegoundead (my only other lvl 20’s) I only ended up with 8 tokens total. That means I need 1200 token fragments. On the plus side, I can finally put some time in on Otse and Undead and take a real break from Hypure. I plan to run Partycrashers and Lords of Dust to get the seal of the Spy Dagger and the seal of the Envenomed Blade. Then I have to run Bigtop and (I think, I don’t know for sure) The Spiner for the shards. I haven’t actually ever done an epic item upgrade, so I don’t know for sure. It’s really hard to find the data, even the links to the forum on the wiki only contain partial data. On the down side, I only get about 40 fragments each for a normal completion on those quests. At that rate, I will need to run a total of 30 epic quests to TR Hypure by the 19th. What do you think the odds are I will get the shards and seals for both items in 30 runs?

I will probably put Otse through the Phiarlain quests and Undead through the Spinner chain. It’s just easier to run Partycrashers with a rogue, and the altars in Lords of dust will net Undead an extra chest.


I only bought the Standard edition, but I made sure to order early so I could get the Iconic that I really wanted. That gives me access to the PDK, but I am really interested in the Bladeforged. I am a big Eberron fan, so I have had fun trying to craft the back story for my (still unnamed) Bladeforged. I am leaning towards my future Bladeforged being impressed with the compassion that my squad of Mourners shows towards wounded Warforged while they are in the Cannith Manufactory. I haven’t decided if I want the Bladeforged to be saved by them (brought back to life) or just witness it.

I have a hard time playing a character unless they have a story. It gives me a connection to them that motivates me to want to level them up. Really, to me, DDO is more like a 3D book than it is a MMO. If I had more time to play, I would probably be a Role Player.

That gives me a lot of issue with my PDK. I’m not a fan of the FR, and I don’t know a lot of the more recent lore. I’ve been having trouble coming up with a story for my future knight that sits well with me. Partly due to how hard it is to find many details on the knights and the recent history of Eveningstar. Other than the fact that they are the elite officers of the army, I have only found one other real detail from 3.5. There was a note that said player PDK’s should be those who have gained an honorary title, retired, or are a special liaison. If anyone has any good links to stories or history online, that would be great. I just cant find my motivation…

Well, that’s all for now. I’m off to grind out Token Fragments on Otsegolation and Otsegoundead, so if you see them around Khyber feel free to offer to quest with them. Until next time, Don’t Starve.


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  1. SirGog’s forum guide to epic ingredient locations used to be the place to go, but it doesn’t seem to have been updated for a while:

    Some of the last posts there talk about the Lords of Dust series items, like this one:

    Lastly, someone started compiling the information into a spreadsheet. I haven’t looked to see if it has this information, but here’s the forum link:

    Without a large guild on tap to multiply the effort I found making epic items to be a heartbreaking and fruitless grind. I have bags overflowing with ingredients but no complete sets that I wanted; I hear that there’s some kind of exchange available but many epic lootgen and all epic raid items seem to surpass the old system items in power. Which is great for me but must be galling for those that beat their head against miniscule drop-rates for months to get their treasured item.

    • Hmm, if that post in sirgog’s thread is correct, I will probably still farm LoD for the seals and shards to the Envenomed Blade. Its by far the shortest and easiest to run.

  2. Easiest way to get epic tokens is by running Cannith Challenges “buying time” and “time is money” on CR25. You get roughly a token every 10 minutes or so

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