May 042016


Mr. Ginger and High Lords on Sarlona are once again back to doing their teaching raids.  A great opportunity to learn something new and have some fun!!

1st Up CITW – No problem I saw log into Sarlona roll up an Iconic and go to town to get to level 20 and then flag for the raid, have 2 days to do it…….result level 20 but no raid flagged:(

2nd Abbot, great have done it a couple of times but really need to understand it, have 3 days to flag, just need sigil pieces, a piece of cake!! (every pun intended)   2 days latter and ransacking Vol and Fleshmakers, still short one sigil piece in time for the raid……result still level 20 not raid flagged 🙁

3rd LOB and Master Artificer…..going to start on Wed night instead of Thursday….will Bentor of Sarlona make it???  Only the nose knows………


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  1. You should say something to someone on with skillz… If only you knew someone.

  2. You don’t need sigil pieces for Mark of Death, you just need to complete the epic Orchard quests – unless you meant the original Abbot raid?

  3. Oopps yes Abbot, not Mark of Death, should have proofread will have to go back and edit.

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