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The road less traveled
The Road Less Traveled

My playing style has changed over the years. Back in the day, I played more often, and was more often alone, meaning, PUGs! Now I play less, and also, I play differently.

Now, when I am playing I am generally either playing with the guild or with my Gamer Girl. In either case, it is not all about me, my needs have to be balanced with the needs of others, and often they are subsumed entirely. I am frequently doing things to advance other people’s goals rather than my own.

None of this is bad. Quite the contrary, I love that I have people to play with. It makes the game so much more enjoyable. And I like helping. But it is different.

One big difference is new content. It used to be that new content, once released, was the highest priority. I would be in there that very night, sometimes even taking the day off work, figuring out the new stuff along with everyone else, and foregoing other content until all of the new content had been completed.

This is how I once spent seven-and-a-half hours in The Crucible. Things like that happen when you are among the first to complete a super-complicated quest. There is no wiki. No spoilers. No walk-throughs. Only you, your wits, whoever you brought with you, and a pile of mnemonic potions and raise scrolls.

You know, that seven-and-a-half hour run through Crucible was one of the most frustrating things that has ever happened to me in DDO. But it was also one of most rewarding. I miss those days, while at the same time not missing them. I hold both sides of this argument at the same time.*

According to the ancient text game Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, this is proof that I am an intelligent being, able to hold mutually contradictory ideas simultaneously. Of course, in that case the mutually exclusive ideas were “Tea”, and also, “No Tea”, but then Hitchhikers was a rather silly game. Funny, entertaining, but still, silly.

But it seems unlikely to ever happen again; we no longer rush into the new stuff on Day Zero. Now we get to new content when everyone is ready to get to it and sometimes that can be awhile. Often, quite a while. And as a result there are things that I still have not run. Ever. Some of which may be surprising:

I am providing links but carefully. I am still, even after all this time, trying to avoid too many spoilers.

Not that this is even really possible, especially for the raids. When I do run them, it will almost certainly be with a PUG group, or as a PUG fill-in for a guild that doesn’t have 12 peeps ready and online, and in either case, everyone else in the raid will be telling me what to do constantly (or not telling me, and expecting me to already know), whether I’ve read a bunch of spoilers or not.

Nonetheless, this is what I do. Eventually I do get to everything, and I want it to be as fresh as possible when I finally do get there.

It seems weird that I have still not run Fall of Truth. No, It is weird. The raid is more than a year old. So old that I may now have trouble finding a raid group.

Fun and different?
Interesting? Rewarding?
I’ve never been there.

And so now I find myself wondering if I should prioritize completing all of the “new” content (as in “new to me”) before we have a new update and even more new content (as in “new to everyone including me”).

I think so.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

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  1. I’m still newer to the game than some. I’ve yet to complete all of the Necropolis on any character. The newer content, yeah, it may be awhile. Or perhaps I’m not its audience. I play not to show my objective prowess but to appreciate a clever way to complete, usually. Raids don’t fit that bill and are often just a bludgeoning and slashing festival. Perhaps I’m a bit antisocial as well. Despite having a guild with great people, I play in small parties or none at all. There’s still a lot of incompletes in my raid list, too, but that’s because others have taken the bullet for me and warned me to avoid it or because there is little gained from its rewards other than surviving it.

  2. 5 years in the game and I have never done Abbot(or Titan raid but that is more common) – also I have skipped most of 3BC and a select few other quests in level ranges that I just don’t need to clear all quests on elite to get my level. All of that is on my ‘DDO bucket list’ but not a high priority until I hear they are shutting down the servers.

  3. I have (1) toon out of…(*takes off shoes to count*) 17 (I think) that, up until U19, had run every non-raid quest at least once. I have run some of the ‘missing’ content on other toons, but I’m wanting this one to be a “quest completionist” (sans raids) – I have some things to catch-up on. I did just recently get through the Wheloon chain and completed a Haunted Halls run last night (I had many, many deaths), but Thunderholme will have to wait, as he’s only L25.

  4. Due to poor planning, no doubt, I never seem to be the right level for new content on release πŸ˜‰

  5. I haven’t even touched the new packs yet. Heck, I haven’t even touched the two xpacks. My DDO high-time was up to U11, and that was the content I loved. I love Eberron and its steampunky goodness. Now people barely run that stuff πŸ™

    Though that’s not the focus, I think. IMO, it’s more interesting to go back to see what quests the game hides that don’t even get mentioned these days, much less seen in the LFM panel. Like the walk-ups in the Desert. Or the quest in Delera’s, which are not part of the chain. Or the non-flags in Shavarath. Or even the antiquated F2P quests people have all but forgotten. For me those are the “roads less travels”, and there are curious things to be discovered on the way.

    The new content, on the other hand, may be less run soon, but won’t disappear from the radar πŸ™‚

  6. I have been around the game since nearly its release and I still haven’t done a number of quests, mostly the raids. I have never done the Abbot, only have done one of the House Cannith Quests (which means I have never done Lord of Blades or Master Artificer), haven’t done the majority of the challenges, haven’t done Caught in the Web and only some of the MOTU quests, still working on Wheloon, and haven’t even come close to the latest Update. All of this is good to me because there will always be something new for me to encounter :)!!

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