Mar 052016

Ten years is a long time. Period.

For an MMO, it’s an eternity.

I’m so happy that my MMO made it to ten years but I’m the worrying sort. I worry about what DDO is going to do next to ensure the game population increases without losing the old paying mainstays like myself.

New content.

Without lots of it, the old timers will get bored. Even with Gnomes.

New free to play content.

Without it, the game will feel archaic to newbies.

The past year brought many improvements and even the lag and down-times seem to occur less often. Those are serious issues and Turbine doesn’t need to be reminded by me of the panic that long-time players feel when they can’t play and play without lag.

But new content is the key this year.

I feel that DDO is on the verge of a resurgence. I feel that my favorite MMO in the world is on the cusp of something great. But it’s going to be costly for the developers.

I just hope that Warner Bros. feels the way that I do. And I hope the paying players keep those purse strings untied. I know I have.

This game and the incredibly fun and quirky people playing it are worth the cost.

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  1. DDO could see a resurgence, especially if the game is migrated to a new game engine. Turbine may have no choice but to invest in DDO as Infinite Crisis was a flop and the mobile games won’t sustain the company by themselves. Maybe Asheron’s Call 3 is in order. There aren’t too many science fantasy sandbox games on the market.

  2. Yes, this has to be the Year Of Much Content. I totally agree.

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