Mar 302012
ToD Lotto
Should we stay or should we go?

Tower of Despair. Something you essentially must run on every character, eventually, most likely 20 times each.

That is a lot of ToD.

One would expect that ToD groups would be forming 24/7. And sometimes they do!

But it is always like buying a scratch card at your local convenience store: the most you can realistically hope for is getting your money back. Sure someone hits it big but it’s never anyone you know and it is certainly not going to be you.

  • Many times, no healers join and the group never even gets started
  • Of the remaining instances, many groups are groups of Dooooooom and no completion is forthcoming

And yet, success does happen, quite often, and one can eventually get 20 (or 40 or 60) completions and gain your ToD ring of choice

Filling the party,
Often the biggest challenge.
Tower of Despair

Oh look another group is forming now. Later!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I run my artificer with pugs cause she just needs 20 completions for fancies :). But then again while I was running as a PUG with my current guildies they passed along Rahkir and Connor rings.. I was usually the only ranged weapon toon around :).

  2. Oh I forgot my point!!!!

    I run her and pass the rings she gets to people. It’s a nice feeling to give that sorcerer who has been wanting a savant ring for almost 40 runs what they want. Or pass the monk ring for roll for the monks who just about orgasm at the sight of it :P.

  3. If there were useful rings for my “healers” i might run them. As it stands now now one runs it other then for Xp if i can get people to do the flagging quests.

  4. Huh, guess I must be missing something. 2 1/2 years and still haven’t stepped into that raid. I am such a non-uber gimpmaster!

  5. What bugs me is when I run on my monk, I see pieces of the Tempest set getting offered up. And when I run on my tempest ranger, I see the Shintao and Henshin rings getting offered…

    WHY do the DDO gods torture me so?

    I refuse to get my bard flagged, ’cause I know her first run I’ll get the Tempest necklace in the Shadowmaster’s chest, and then one of the three rings my actually useful characters want in the end chest…

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