Dec 302015

The Queen is Not Pleased

One of the more delightful Epic Destinies is in the Shiradi tree. Actually, the entire tree is interesting and full of randomness. So much so that is hard to choose which effect is the most interesting and random.

Or at least it was, until this:


Knicker the Gem Miner

Knicker the Gem Miner


Well then, that clarifies things, doesn’t it?

The picture is Knicker Tam. Yes, I know she looks like a kobold gem miner with a full load, but it is Knicker nonetheless, halfling, frenzied barbarian, and owner of the most chilling halfling barbarian battlesqueak ever squeaked.

Until this.

See, I like to give my Shiradi characters the Tier 6 ability Tea with the Queen. It freezes them in place for a few seconds, but the character is invulnerable while frozen and gets 20,000 points of healing, plus a very nice random buff. Buffs like a stacking +100 to PRR. Or a stacking +10 to all abilities. That kind of nice.

Except I never noticed that the ability requires a Diplomacy check. Meaning you can fail. Meaning Knicker – who has two gigantic dwarven axes but absolutely no Diplomacy – is not a good choice for this.

The Queen is displeased
The Queen is not amused. Tut tut

Well, now I know?

Actually, this is a pretty sweet thing to have happen! It is totally worth a Tier 6 slot to be able to suddenly turn into a Kobold and run around like that. Imagine the fun in PUGs! Sadly, the effect doesn’t last, you turn back into a halfling (or whatever lesser race you may be playing) as soon as you swing a weapon or do anything. You can’t actually play as a kobold, you can only look like one, and only for a moment or two.

But still. A kobold!

The Queen is not pleased. But I am.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. thanks for sharing–I had this happen once–did not have the chance to read the log though–very funny

  2. That was a pretty hefty diplomacy fail.. I envision that scenario as you just sitting down, taking a sip, getting the healing effect then blurting out that actually, you prefer coffee.. at which point the queen gives a very passive-agressive “very well then” & hands you the poisoned coffee, as you drink it she tweets out about how you insulted her, her followers now all hate you, then she just poofs you into a kobold as you disappear just to add a final little slap in parting.

  3. This is epically good fun! Great design.

  4. love it. brings back memories of it happening to me…. or the many times Double Rainbow killed me….

  5. I remember first reading that in the wiki, and laughing, perhaps laughing more than I should have 😉

  6. I’m trying to imagine the developers as they sit around a conference room discussing this for the first time…
    Dev 1: what would be a good 6th tier ability for this tree it has to be something different and weird but amazing.
    Dev 2: Well we could…
    All others at the table *groan*
    Dev 2: What???
    Dev 3: Well its just that your ideas tend to be a bit…um lets just say eccentric and weird.
    Dev 2: Didn’t he just ask for weird?
    All others grumbling agreement.
    Dev 2: I was just thinking we could do something like tea with the queen where you get a temporary healing while you slip into another dimension for a spot of tea with a Queen of said dimension.
    Dev 1: Well it is different and if it made you invisible or invulnerable for a certain time period it would be useful.
    Dev 4: Heh can you imagine a Barbarian sitting down for tea…Ugg me want sugar!
    Dev 5: Hah! we should make a diplo check on that.
    Dev 2: oooooo and if he fails lets make him a Kobold!
    *Awkward silence* then uproarious laughter and the room fills with descriptions of a kobold running around the fight screaming insults….

    Dev 1: just sits in the corner shaking his head and smiling knowing that he really is just the leader of a very special group of people.

  7. oh – and they need to get cracking on my returning throwing mug of dwarven ale that gives the wielder a stack of “drukeness” every time he crits until soon hes just running around hugging everyone including the enemies….

  8. er that should read “drunkenness” of course…sigh my speeling is terrible..

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