Aug 282013

Just leave it to me

“Consider it done”, she says, “Just leave it to me”.

Those are the kinds of brave and confident words one wants to hear when their hireling Rogue is engaged in trapsmithery.

Consider it done

Except, no, it is not done. And leaving it to her is just about the same as leaving it undone. No traps are Spotted, and those that are found at all are blown as often as not.

We have to find our traps the Barbarian way, with predictably barbaric results.

But we’ve used Lilo Blackstitch before, and had good experiences with her. I think I’ve used her before in this exact quest. What gives?

Theory: the hirelings have new enhancements too, and someone forgot to rework them? Someone Dev-like? Someone?

Do hirelings even have enhancements? I don’t know. But something is definitely different with this one, and not in a good way.

Just a theory.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I’ve not had a chance to run a rogue myself since the update but my TR buddy reports that his fully skilled/enhanced and not-special-but-level-appropriate-geared rogue is no longer able to spot or find, let alone disable, elite at-level traps. That’s a long sentence, give it a couple of chews. If it makes sense… anyone else finding this? Have trap DCs been set super high, especially on elite?

  2. On the plus side, there’s now Garrett, aka. level 25 Albus πŸ™‚

  3. Hirelings: yes, they always hate you!

    Can’t you see she’s trying to kill you by making you walk through undisarmed traps. “Consider it done” my fat ass!

  4. Buried in the mountain of release notes you will find that they’ve re-jiggered the trap difficulties for both spotting and disabling. In Epic Elite play, a character who was once safe with roughly a 60 skill now must have 70+. Seems to me they think Epic Elite House of Rusted Blades should be just as hard on rogues as whatever their most recent 28th level quests are. There’s a reason no one likes to play dedicated teapmonkeys in this game. It’s even less rewarding and more thankless than being a healbot.

  5. It would be good to know the quest and/or specific trap – it may be that the trap’s settings are in need of adjustment (or perhaps that rogue’s specific search/spot/disable is off.) If you can remember the details, send in a bug on this to If possible, include the hireling name, whether it was purchased with plat or was the Store gold seal version, what quest it was, etc.

    • Will do! FYI it was the gold seal version of Lilo, in Lords of Dust on Epic Hard, and I cannot call out one specific trap: her performance was lacking on all of the traps.

  6. While I can’t speak for the use of hirelings, or any quests above level 8 yet, I TR’d my main(11Ranger/6Monk/3Arti) after the update to a more melee based 11Ranger/8Rogue/1Fighter. Currently at level 8(5Ranger/2Rogue/1Fighter) I’ve been able to get every trap in ever quest so far without much trouble. I’ve yet to blow a single trapbox as well, even when not using any +Disable Device gear.

    I’m kind of confused about this because the release notes stated traps would be much harder now; this being one of the main reasons I TR’d out of my 6Monk/3Arti split, since it already had trouble with EE traps before the update.

  7. Hmmm, I’ve been focused on Acanthia and Meren and haven’t really trotted Vic out since U19. Pre-update, it’d been MONTHS since she failed a search/spot/disable/open lock check, but despite my best efforts redoing her enhancements, she did lose a couple of points across the board, rogue-skill-wise. I’ll have to see if she can still get that one door in Broken Chains.

    BTW, my favorite hireling quote: “I think I’ve found a clue.” I’m always tempted to say, “Well, that makes ONE, which still makes you pretty darn clueless.”

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