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It looks like any other run through the Haunted Halls, doesn't it?
What do you all want to do? A run through the Haunted Halls?

It started like any other night: “Hey, what do we want to run tonight?” But it wasn’t any other night. No, this night would be a three-hour festival of uninterrupted looting. Stacks of chests, one after another, seemingly endless, with everyone filling their backpacks and getting everything they could have wanted. And more.

Yes, we were all awake. And yes, I have screenshots! Meaning it really did happen.

You think I exaggerate. But no, it was really the way I am describing. A night of never-ending treasure, unlike any seen before and unlikely to be encountered ever again.

It was the first time we’ve run the Haunted Halls of Eveningstar since update 24 came out. The first time with the new Monster Champions. I wonder if this whole Monster Champion thing was fully thought through? I mean, I get the idea of adding a little randomization to existing quests. Most of them are getting a little hoary and any new wrinkles are welcome.

But I digress. This is not about any old quest, it is about the Haunted Halls, my new favorite quest, now with Monster Champions. See, the thing is, any monster has a chance to be a Monster Champion now. And some of them, especially orange-named monsters, have a chance to drop a chest when killed as champions.

And the Haunted Halls feature a lot of orange-named monsters. A lot!*

* Before anyone says anything, this was last Thursday, New Year’s Eve, well after Turbine had reduced the appearance rate for orange-named, chest-dropping monster champions.

The quest was already quite lootiful: a thorough trip through the Halls can yield over a dozen chests, four of which might contain named loot. Now add several dozen orange-named Monster Champions, each of which has a chance to drop another chest, and you are going to have nights like the other night.

The night of endless treasure. We looted more than 30 chests. In one quest.

Endless Chests
There were eight chests after this fight. Eight! And this was one fight

Even the named loot was dropping like crazy that night. Someone got a Libram of Silver Magic. Someone got a Magestar. One of the rogues got the Manual of Stealthy Pilfering and the Necklace of Mystic Eidolons. I didn’t get one of the named items, but I got a Ruby Eye of the Inferno and a +4 to +5 Charisma upgrade tome.

We were running the extended version, but by the time we got to the white dragon it was late and we were all full: we just stole the eggs and left. Looting all those chests and dealing with all that treasure had worn us out: one white dragon chest was enough.

Endless Crowns
Hello boys! Most of you seem a little … chesty … tonight

I recognize that this is not normal, it was a randomization error in our favor. And it wasn’t even really an error, randomization works like that. Sometimes the results will clump together. Sometimes, most of the eligible monsters will be randomly selected to upgrade to Monster Champions. Sometimes, most of the Monster Champions will be randomly selected to drop a chest. Sometimes, rarely (?), both of those clumps will occur in the same quest, and the lucky questors will be showered with more than 30 chests.

In one quest.

It might have been more than 40. We lost count.

What a night!

Endless treasure. More than we could carry. Named loot too.


😀 🙂 😀

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  1. Yep, the ‘more than random’ champions was fun before they reduced it. Rach & I ran Belly of the Beast and had chests all over the place in the arena fight – great fun!

  2. Which difficulty was this on?

  3. An Epic Night For Epic Players… & the dice rolls a 20

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