Oct 312009

Really lootalicious. 🙂

So lootalicious that one wonders… how long they will remain in such an emminently ransackable format?

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  1. I’m loving the new quests. We’ve done a tone of full quest cycle runs without any named items dropping. Our grand total since the new quests came out are that we’ve found three Kamas (the most common drop?), one Regalia of the Phoenix, and one Elocator’s Habiliment. I’m very curious about other stuff that drops. As we find items, I’m putting pictures up in my Journals, just for funsies. 😉 😛

  2. I love love looticlicious dungeons!

  3. VIP gets a bone … Woof, wish I had a toon high enough.

  4. well if you say that too loudly they will take it away. Pretend like you don’t like it and it will stay.

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