Sep 222016

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Turbine has released the latest producers letter and it has thrown me into such a funk that my first thought was to post a black page today in mourning for what could have been.

One new quest?

But I am getting ahead of myself. The letter is short and to the point, as has become the new normal. It even has bullet points. Normally, I love bullet points, and thank you Severlin for such liberal use of them. But these particular bullet points are just depressing me.

I’ll save you time. The letter covers two more updates planned for this year, and the anniversary update next year. Here’s what is coming:

  • Improving the Night Revels
  • A new system
  • A new system
  • A new system
  • One new free-to-play dungeon
  • Improving a system
  • Improving systems
  • A new race

And then at the end of next year

  • Ravenloft

I am not going to go off on a rant. I am not going to go all DDDOooommmmmmmmm!!-ey. Some of the systems work they are planning legitimately will bring “several things that players have long asked for to DDO”. Here, go look at it for yourself. It’s not that the systems work is bad. Some of it will be good, maybe even quite good.

But for me, well, you know how I feel about new content. And there just isn’t going to be any. Seven new quests between Update 30 and Update 35. Update 36 (which is not referenced in the letter) is our next hope for content, somewhere next June (based on historical update release frequency).

Roughly 17 months. We’ve only gotten six quests in the last nine months and we’re only getting one in the next nine.

We need to get new content every single update. Every one. But the new normal is not just bullet points in producer letters, it is half of all updates having no content whatsoever.

A year and a half. January 2016 to May 2017. Seven quests. Zero raids. Zero adventure areas.

“Ravenloft” may represent a lot of content, maybe even the expansion pack Severlin mentioned a few months ago. But that is at least than a year from now.

Seven quests over seventeen months.

Maybe I am just reading this wrong?

I surely do hope so.

🙁 🙂 🙁

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  1. Mayhaps all of their efforts have gone into Ravenloft being a thing. After all, I can imagine that creating a whole new area for expansion-y goodness must take a ton of time, money, and resources. If DDO were starting down its final highway, one would think an expansion would not be in the works. So, I choose to look at it like this, and stay positive!

  2. You did miss something for the next nine months, but I don’t know how much it will improve your mood… but here it is:

    “We’re also planning for our 11th anniversary in late February! We’re hoping to debut a new playable race for the anniversary along with some new adventuring.”

    Note the latter half of that second sentence. Hope? Yes. But very little, admittedly.

    • Ah, I did miss that! Good catch. So … seven quests for the year, but at least there is hope for next year. Maybe.

      Still … hope is hopeful, yes?

  3. I never understood why the development team at Turbine has never truly focused on creating content in quantity for DDO. For ever MOTU and SC we get ten updates of virtually no content.

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