The New Normal

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Mar 152017

In some ways, every day that I wake up is the same as ever. Bleary-eyed, I brush teeth, weigh myself, and make coffee before sitting down to write.

In most ways, every day that I wake up is different now. We are living in an extended stay suite while I finish off my notice period at work. Yes I am brushing my teeth except now that happens on a whole different floor from where we sleep. The coffee maker is different, a strangely complicated affair that wheezes and shakes as it emits the morning joe. Even weighing myself is different; the scale is in the kitchen.

Our computers are set up side-by-side on what is supposed to be the dining table. Like the scale, we compute in the kitchen. There are desks in the suite, two of them, but neither is actually large enough for one of our monitors, and besides, they are on different floors and we like to be next to each other while playing.

I am writing this while sitting in the kitchen, my Gamer Girl flitting about behind me doing kitcheny things.


In a few moments I will find the shower (it is in a different place too, of course), clean off (in a shower that feels wrong), using little hotel soaps that I have clumped together into one larger mass that feels more soap-like to me.

Lots of change. Small change, mostly, the same routines in an all-new environment, like an artist painting the same picture on a differently-shaped canvas.

Other changes are bigger. We don’t make a healthy breakfast any more, we select healthy choices from the hotel’s breakfast buffet. I don’t drive an hour-ish to work, I take a five-minute walk across the parking lot.

And of course work holds even more changes. No longer spending my days trying to figure out how to lead from the rear, I have become the short-timer, a guy with one project, trying to cram as much code into a sample prototype as I can before I have to turn it over to someone else and leave.

The web is different too, or probably it is more accurate to say that our use of it is different, trading the casual browsing we used to do for entertainment into a tightly-focused effort to find a new place to live, and a new job, and a new life.

Not every single thing is different – last night was Guild night, a Shroud run with the Halfling Commandos, and what could be more predictably routine than a Shroud run?

But most things are. Different. In some way or another.

It affects everything. Even this article – I did not start out writing about change, I was just looking for some way to use “living in a hotel like movie stars” (because there is something about that phrase that I find amusing) and instead ended up here. Writing about change. So much change.

This is not bad, it just is.

Change is the new normal.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  2. Good luck with the job search! I could probably offer you one here, but I think the commute would be a bit extreme 😀

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