May 282015

While the forums are generally known as a wretched hive of scum and villainy (and who thought I’d be able to use that phrase twice in seven days) every now and then a pearl bubbles up from the muck and delights all who see it.

Like this one: The Most Interesting Adventurer in Eberron. Started by forum user alancarp, the thread is up to 32 replies, each trying to top the others in describing this most interesting adventurer.

The quality of the submissions is uneven, naturally, but some are really quite funny. My favorites:

  • “Even his Elf has a beard.” by phillymiket
  • “Chuck Norris simply logs out in shame when he logs on” by cdbd3rd
  • “Patrons try to earn favor with him” by Fedora1

And an entire paragraph of jokes set to a Gilbert & Sullivan tune by FuzzyDuck81. I mean, Gilbert & Sullivan? That has to be worth some kind of bonus points.

Anyway, if you are enjoying this at all, go check out the thread. Add your own entry. Here’s mine:


Red Me Alert


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Nice one yourself, Geoff.

    I +1’d Fedora1 for that comment, had me laughing for a while. i’m smiling right now just thinking about it.

  2. I was rather proud of mine 🙂 End of month at work is when things get a little odd sometimes & i was watching that episode of babylon 5 where it appears on the day before, so it was kind of floating around in my head

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