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Checkmark of the Gods
Checkmark of the Gods

I wrote about this once before, but something about the sight of this guy sitting there, a mildly dejected look on his face, while being all but completely obscured by the largest check mark in history drew me back to the topic again.

What is it like to have such a gigantic reward marker? Can he still see? Does he need special anti-icon Ray Bans?

The actual reward was not so gigantic at all. But that doesn’t remove a thing from the specialness of this.

  • Massive marker
  • Humongous hanger
  • Super-sized signage
  • Great goblet
  • Astronomic advertisement
  • Immense icon

Annoying flashing checkmark of the Giants

If you are old enough, you remember when the internet was filled with this kind of annoying flasher

I find the whole things to be quite funny. But then, my Gamer Girl tells me that I am easily amused. I hope that I am, it seems better to go through life finding the humor in things rather than looking for the sour. What would that be? Easily serioused? Easily de-mused? Not sure, but it is not something I would aspire to be.

But I digress. This is not about me, this is about the most enormous quest reward icon in the history of quest reward icons.

Chartreuse and yellow
Overwhelmingly out-sized
Calling me to loot!

I tried to get an image of the giant-sized Healing Curse icon. It is awesome, filling the screen. But I can’t, if I get close enough to punch it onto a giant I am too close to get the whole thing in the picture. It is that large.

  • Stupendous symbol
  • Ginormous glyph
  • Titanic token

I just love this thing.

Or can you tell?

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I find it amusing that in the seizure-inducing flasher… his toes are wiggling 😛

  2. I was on one of my Argo toons in Gianthold last night. The giants’ own buffs are fantastic with this glitch, too. I hope Turbine is listening, Geoff, and leaves well enough alone. I can more easily tell which giants in a far off mob have spotted me now because many of them buff before they start loping after me.

  3. Geoff, go checkout the Cinderspawn in Inferno of the Damned, I was running it EE on the weekend and the Cinderspawn are just massive torches of blue flames. I think its related to the same bug, but they are just impressive to look at

  4. The character slot may never open but the gnomes are coming and there is nothing anyone can do to stop them. Unless we had Flumphs; Flumphs! Or marshmallow guns…

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