Aug 092012

While looking for images, I came across this one. It floored me.

The perfect D20?

How beautiful is that? Stained glass and copper. It is roughly three inches across meaning it is also quite detailed for its size. Stunning.

It was difficult to figure out who was creating this beauty and why. With effort, I did manage to come across a couple more pics:

More D20


Lots of clicking led me to the conclusion that some guys with a podcast made these a few years ago as a whim, and that they were popular enough that the creators put them up for sale on Etsy.

I’ve tried to figure out what their podcast is about but no luck. It does not appear to be about stained glass. Their Etsy site has no visible wares either, although perhaps one can order a stained glass D20 sight unseen?

I appreciate the raw creativity and skill involved in making one of these. It is not something I could ever do, or even imagine.

Very nice. I had to share.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Wow, these are nice but not sure if they’d be too fragile for pnp.. But here’s what I found for my wishlish, sooo nice!

    Must not look too look at them lest I buy something..

    Steampunk dice set…

    Oh no, I’m definitely getting these sometime soon..

  2. 🙂 ooh. want.

  3. if it had a lightbulb attachment it would make an awesome light shade walk into a dark game room and flick the switch and have that d20 light the darkness.

  4. They look weighted to me 😉 must be the ones turbine uses when I roll 1,1,1,1 on my evasion saves XD

  5. Nice find, I want!

  6. I always preferred the “double d10” d20s – you know, the d20s that have 0-9 twice (instead of 1-20).

  7. Hehehe I want one for my Larp costume… mount it on my staff/wink…. lol

  8. Heck yeah!

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