Feb 202012

I’m a lover not a hater. I love DDO. I love Turbine. I love loving. Life is so much more fun when one is enamored with the positive rather than bogged down in the negative.

Now having said all that, I hate this click.

This awful, evil, misbegotten, click that-must-die occurs when deconstructing items in the crafting hall. It seems innocuous enough. Just a single click on the scroll bar (or a click and drag of the bar itself, or even a flick of the mouse wheel).

But it kills me. Because (a) it is part of a click-intensive process that I have to do over and over and over, but mainly because (b) it is completely unnecessary.

The Most Annoying Click in DDOYe gods, save me from this horrible, horrible click

Let’s examine the deconstruction flow. First, open the deconstructor. Your inventory opens automatically. Nice! saved me an entire click.

Now start deconstructing:

  1. Click, drag, and drop the item into the deconstructor box. Cannot be done with double-click or right-click, and there is no keyboard equivalent
  2. Scroll down so you can see all of your deconstruction choices
  3. Select the desired deconstruction
  4. Click “Deconstruct”

Now repeat. In Coin‘s case, repeat 4,624 times. So far. Just thinking about makes my clicky finger ache.

The flow should be more like:

  1. Right-click desired item – it flies into the Deconstructor, which automatically sizes large enough to show all of your deconstruction choices
  2. Deconstruct by double-clicking the desired choice, or by clicking it and then clicking Deconstruct, or by hitting a keyboard equivalent, say something like <Alt><1> through <Alt><4>

But even if you disagree with my flow design, you cannot disagree with the fact that the second step, having to scroll the selections, is maddeningly unnecessary. And you have to do it every single time. The Deconstructor dialog box is sized to only show two and a half choices, but almost all items will have four. And it is static and cannot be resized!

Resize the box! Or make the choices smaller! Or at the very least, simply let us re-size the &%#* window ourselves!

Thoroughly annoying.

On the other hand, Coin’s 4624 unnecessary clicks (plus the 13872 that are arguably more necessary and therefore slightly less annoying) have gotten her pretty close to 100 crafting levels. So there’s that anyway.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. It is wrong. Could be fixed i would think easily enough.

    I understand why they don’t allow the double click, but auto size the window?

  2. Yes, that click is annoying. And it’s even more annoying ’cause I can’t mouse-wheel it, since my mouse gets twitchy at times and bounces back up (similarly, I’m just as happy they don’t have double-click to decon, considering the number of times I drink a potion or equip an item I’m trying to move to the bank/another tab/trade window/AH/decon/whatever ’cause my twitchy mouse decided to doubleclick…)

    On the other hand, I wouldn’t trust them to resize it, considering what happened when they resized the quest entrance window when they added the Bravery Bonus… it’s annoying having to move that sucker to hit “OK” every time I log in, I don’t want to end up with a similar situation while deconning!

    But they could at least put the suffix/prefix at the top, followed by enhancement, and THEN item disjunction – because let’s face it, most of the time, what you’re going to be doing while deconning an item is stripping it for essences or *maybe* the enhancement, rather than making a blank. I figure about a 95%/4%/1% ratio… and only ’cause I’m using whole numbers, or that 1% would be a LOT smaller fraction.

  3. There you go again – trying to insert some common sense. One would think you would have learned by now…

  4. Kobold hate your love!

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