Atomic Torches?

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Sep 282012

I want that torch
Brilliant, smokeless, instant, endless, infinite. Also waterproof.

I mentioned this before, but My Gamer Girl and I have been watching Lost on Netflix. In her case, it’s a rewatch but for me it’s all new.

It is interesting to see how the show lives up to the many (many!) things written about it during it’s run. For instance, I read that season four seemed aimless. I recall reading something where the show creators said they got lost themselves, that season four was written without a series end in sight, the ABC network wanted the show to continue indefinitely but it had originally been planned to end after five seasons. The lack of known ending caused it to get a bit wandery.

You can see the vamping in some episodes. There was one entire episode where nothing noteworthy happened of any sort; the whole 42 minutes were throwaway. It was weird. Usually there are multiple plot twists or omens or deaths or clues – or all of the above – but in this one episode, nothing. People walked around. People sat at a campfire. People talked. Nothing new was discovered, no one was shocked, nothing was revealed.

If I am remembering correctly, the show creators decided after this season that they were ending the series after season six regardless of ratings and regardless of the network desire to continue. And this decision restored a lot of vitality to the episodes in seasons five and six. Well, all except the last episode, apparently. Fortunately I avoided learning any details about the last episode other than how disappointing it was to so many people. I’ll be able to watch it unsullied with spoilers and with appropriately low expectations.

But I digress.

The thing that motivated me to write about Lost again is not the story arc. It’s the torches. My god, what amazing torches they have on this show!

  • They light up instantly, going from unlit to burning fully at the slightest touch
  • They are built of a highly flammable material that burns like a gas jet and gives off light like a beacon
  • They give off no smoke
  • They last for hours and hours without visibly consuming any portion of the torch
  • There is apparently an infinite supply of them
  • They even work in the rain

If we could really make torches like that, the flashlight would never have been invented. Just touch a lighter to a torch and be illuminated like the sun, indefinitely, smokelessly, safely.

This is why everyone is fighting over the island – they want the secret behind the torches!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I suspect that most torches would work “in the rain”, provided they weren’t wet to begin with and were lit away from the rain. Once a fire gets burning rather well, be it a campfire, wildfire, or torch, it usually takes quite a prolonged expose to ‘normal rain’ to extinguish it. A monsoon, on the other hand…

    Strange how the rains on “Lost” seem rather ‘non-monsoony’, so to speak.

  2. Oh, this brings back memories. I may have to get my “Lost” DVDs out and start a rewatching campaign.

    So, the torches are the thing you find most hard to believe? Wait until you get to the d*********** i*****. *g*

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