Dec 032015

The most amazing board game flow chart ever created

I had no idea that board-game-choosing flow charts are actually a thing. I found one last year and assumed that was it; there was one, and that was one more than I’d expected.

But maybe it is a thing after all? As evidence, consider this: the Holiday 2015 Board Game Buying Guide, from some sort of online board game seller in Toronto (“Free CDN shipping!).

Now there are at least two such charts. This one is even bigger, and flow-chartier, and it has live game buttons: when you click on the name of the game it takes you to the game description.

So chart! Much games!

Some of the paths are fairly simplistic. For instance: “Who is receiving the gift? -> Are they horrible?” which can only take the user to Cards Against Humanity. To be fair, Cards Against Humanity is a solid choice for horrible people.

But other paths meander about colorfully and contain a wealth of choices. “Who is receiving the gift? -> Someone new to gaming or only plays the classics? -> Yes -> Do you know what they like? -> No -> Do you know their personality? -> Yes” and after all that, leads you to this rich set of choices:

The most amazing board game flow

Pretty amazing.

This flow chart may not list as many different games as the one from last year, and I noticed that some games appear in more than one path. But then, some games may appeal to more than one sort of person, so there’s that.

And this one is interactive, which is a clearly superior way to go about doing this.

I’ve already lost the better part of an hour wandering about the chart. I hope you enjoy it too!

Happy gaming!

🙂 😀 🙂

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