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The Mad Bomber: Piking with Larafay

She doesn’t look like much, does she? Slight of stature, covered in gold calligraphy, carrying a strangely unbalanced yet perfectly spherical mace of glowing white light.

Not a fearsome image. But looks can be deceiving.

Larafay Do’rret is a hireling. But she in not as buggy as most of the other hirelings, primarily because she is not scripted to behave like other hirelings.

Larafay's advertisment fails to include appropriate warning labels
Can use: Cometfall, Cometfall, Cometfall and a few other attack spells

Oh sure, she will throw the odd heal now and then, but don’t blink or you’ll miss it. She is not here to heal you. She is here to blow things up. And by “blow up” I mean explode the hell out of them. And then explode them some more.

She doesn’t only explode things. She will mix up her repertoire with the occasional Destruction or Greater Command. But mainly and most spectacularly, Cometfall, one after the other, first knocking everything down and then hammering it into it’s constituent pixels.

So explosive!

I think Larafay has become my favorite part about being level 15. I buy a six-pack of her and use them all the way through the rest of the heroics. I don’t really need her to heal, usually, depending on the character, but who doesn’t love a continuous stream of highly effective cometfalls?

“Oh, I wish that favored soul would stop knocking all the bad guys down where they are easy to beat on”, said no one ever.

Recently, my Gamer Girl and I had the pleasure of running Gianthold Tor, at level on Elite, just her, I, and our hirelings. She brought … I forget who exactly. Someone who will probably heal her if they don’t run the wrong way and kill themselves needlessly.*

* It is the latest rage amongst the healer hireling set. On being ordered to do something, reply with an immediate acknowledgement – “I’m on it”, or similar – and then turn and run away as fast as possible in some seemingly random direction. Given enough time, the hireling may run back, and may even do what was ordered. May. Assuming they weren’t killed by whatever was lurking in whatever random direction they ran.

Not me. I brought Larafay. And then stood back and watched her operate. It is quite lovely.

She crouches, gracefully, and Cometfalls a pile of giants. Turning fluidly, she doesn’t even pause but immediately Destructions one on the other side of her. Spinning, she Greater Commands the first group, which is already laying down and with only a fraction of their hit points remaining. Then just for good measure, she Cometfalls them again. All dead, all well into the negative dozens of hit points, maybe hundreds below zero. Not just killed, but obliterated.

Larafay has no time to gloat; giants remain and she still has mana! More explosions to explode! More giants to pound into tiny glowing piles of nothingness!

Poor giants. Soon to be Larafay'd. Poor, poor giants.
Cometfall. Destruction. Greater Command. Repeat until Mana is gone.

She is not efficient. She blasts and blasts and blasts. She will spend a Greater Command and a Cometfall on something that is already held and DoT’ed and down to its last handful of hitpoints. She doesn’t care. It is just another blasting target.

Her mana doesn’t last very long but that’s okay, this quest has a lot of shrines. For longer quests, I have to toggle her to Peaceful mode fairly often or she will blow her entire wad. On the first fight.

But oh what a fight it will be.

Any hireling can run behind you and heal you (or as is more likely, run around randomly and frustratingly fail to heal you). But only one hireling can pulverize your enemies into dust before you’ve even finished identifying who is the enemy.

Only Larafay.

Meanwhile, back in Gianthold Tor, my Gamer Girl has noticed that I am standing there doing nothing useful, laughing, watching Larafay own the quest on elite. My Gamer Girl is most decidedly not doing nothing, but rather is running hard and playing hard. My watching and laughing is not appreciated.

Larafay's score card
Another impressive performance by Larafay, the Comet-flinging Terror of Eberron

So I do eventually join in. More or less. But I didn’t have to.

When my oldest son was in the Army, he was a machine gunner. He led a small team where he fired the gun, someone carried the gun mount and extra ammunition, and someone else carried even more extra ammo. The gun could do crazy damage to vehicles and structures, and take on large numbers of bad guys all by itself. But only he fired the gun. Everyone else’s job was to make sure he had a continuous stream of ammo so he could keep firing.

Bringing Larafay is like bringing the machine gunner. She shoots, and it is my job to make sure she has plenty of ammo. Maybe I should have brought a cleric with Divine Vitality, or a Spellsinger. But instead I made do with a series of shrines and kept her well-loaded.

Because wow, when she gets going, just … wow.

Piking with Larafay. Explosive good times.

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  1. She always used to drive me nuts with her absurd SP consumption.. I never thought of using her as a piking tool! :-O

  2. Hahaha…I’m going to need to give her a try.

  3. Tanya something, the level 12 favored soul, uses holy smite like it’s going out of style. She’s quite effective from 12-14, if you’re looking for something in that range. πŸ™‚

    • I like Tanya too, she can deal a decent damage but dont expect a heal from her, and even if you comand her to do something she will say: “Grrrr… do i have to?”
      Good damage dealer with terrible temper.

      One of the reasons i like her is because her name is the same as my sister, she look like her and has the same temper…. Oh well.

  4. This is too funny, I don’t generally pick up Larafay but I just might need to for the hilarity of the comet falls!!

  5. “BOOM, BABY, BOOM!! I AM THE EVIL MIDNIGHT BOMBER, WHAT BOMBS AT MIDNIGHT!!!” – Midnight Bomber (“The Tick” animated series).

  6. These features of favoured soul hirelings are usually the reason I don’t use them, ha-ha, DPS doesn’t tend to be lacking in parties… Still, I very amusing.

    (And remember, the rest of you riflemen are just spare parts for the section weapons)

  7. Actually, there’s another hireling like that at lower levels – Aunidil Tor’val, lvl5 FvS. Not as much damage output, maybe, but the continuous stream of Commands and Soundbursts sure does the job.

  8. Never since Mekwi the Insane Sorcerer have I had so much fun watching a hireling just go bat-shit crazy on everything she sees!

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