Feb 132013

Are we there yet?

For a variety of reasons, I am now on my second or third (or fourth or 100th? It seems forever) consecutive week of trying to get my Fighter Chelena from 18th level up to 20th.

  • Part of the problem is that I have been working on my house a lot and haven’t had as much DDO time as I would like
  • Part of the problem is that levels 18-19 are simply difficult; the black holes of leveling
  • Part of the problem is that I am probably doing it wrong

Not that I am doing anything that I know to be incorrect, it is just that my normal method of doing things is to do them wrong; it seems safe to assume that this applies here too.

Questing for XP
I only need 60K!
But it never ends

Oh well. The things that are most enjoyable are always the things that are hardest to get, right?

Apparently I am going to just enjoy the hell out of Chelena being 20th level. Someday.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Amen to that!

  2. I ended up slayering 3000 kills in Orchard, 1500 Shavarath and ~1400 Lammanian in Vale of Twilight to get my last xp for 20. I was ~700 xp from lvl 20 two days ago, when I said, that’s it, I’ll go get a last boss. Halfway there, I dinged 2000 xp from Scorpion Exterminator 3 and leveled.

  3. I’m liking the Monster Manual more than I thought I would – the unexpected little ticks of bonus xp is one of the reasons.

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