Dec 242016

There are some images from our game(I think we have each stumbled across at least…one?) that have the power to hold the eye. This image is one of the quiet ones; my imagination held in stone by a dozen, nay, A Hundred unresolved threads salted by some mischievously theatrical medusa. The thread may be a one liner, a verse or a scene from a larger production that I could never hope to complete: Overly stimulated lack of focus!

My attempts to tie this image down only compromise it’s initial impact; that of a quiet, hanging contemplation. It’s like this: addition=subtraction+division. The closest I’ve come to touching the image is to shake at it a clenched fist, plump-knuckle full of “Jumping-Shaman” Grrrr.

The Monk, Tictactician. The Companion, Tictactoe. No frame, no vignette, no enhancement. A Shrouded Haiku for the eye

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Luedwig Bait H’oven
Thelanis 2006

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