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The Intel Commando reaches 20th level. How is she doing?

And now little Mawry reaches level 20, again, for the (I don’t even know how many)th time. 24th? Somewhere around there? Except this time she is Intelligence-based. Intelligence means I need the Harper tree for Attack and Damage. It also means I need the Insightful Reflexes feat. But if I can pull it off I will have INT-based damage on Mawry’s melee and on her ranged attacks, skill points like crazy, and sufficient numbers everywhere else.

These few bullet points have always described Mawry’s build goals, in any of her many lives and incarnations. Always she is striving for this:

  • Self-sufficient: she self heals, self buffs, even makes her own ammunition
  • Flexible: She can range, she can melee, she can throw buffs, she can sneak, she can solo. She can’t be the main tank or main healer, but she can do everything else
  • Competent: She is actually good at all of these differing roles. She does them well

Enhancements for the Intel Commando
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Her enhancements seem to be spread all over the place. Normally I’d rather cluster these into specializations, but Mawry is not specialized. She is going for “competent”, rather than “exceptional”. She will not be the best at anything. But she is trying to be good enough at many things, even good enough for end game.

But end game will have to wait for another 3million XP. Right now we are celebrating heroic cap. And the question: how is the build doing?

Here is her character sheet:

Mawry's character sheet at level 20
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And her many, many skills. Note that she is not wearing any rogue gear at all and is still able to handle traps and locks on Elite, at level. Not every one, of course, but nearly so. With gear she would be a top-shelf trapper.

Intel Commando skills list

But how does she play?

Her gear is a random assortment of things she had in her TR bank. Greensteel Air goggles, White dragonskin armor, Titan raid gear, Shadowfell +8 stat gear, Bow of Sinew, miscellaneous greensteel melee weapons. Not bad gear, just not specifically suited to Mawry in this incarnation, and there are gaps. For instance she has no Dodge.

But even so she has been remarkably survivable. She avoids most damage but even when her displacement and ghostly effects are inapplicable, her PRR helps more than I would have thought. The rate of incoming damage is slowed significantly, and Mawry’s self-healing is more than up to the task.

When I remember to self heal. No build can correct my deficiencies as a player.

I admit to having a little trepidation about her DPS. It is not overwhelming. Lots of hits, lots of damages, but she lacks the ability to land the big boom. Except in ranged mode when multi-shot kicks in, then she can clear the room. On the other hand, I think this may just be the way life is in a world where all the monsters have crazy high hit points.

There is one serious downside to this build. She needs so much gear! Every two-weapon fighter has this issue to some extent, because we all need not one but two weapons for every situation. DPS. Smiters. Disruptors. Banishers. Skeleton bashers. Harry bashers. Portal bashers. Muckbanes. etc.

But it is even worse in Mawry’s case because she also needs a bow for some of those situations. Plus Thieves Tools. Plus raise, heal and restore scrolls. Plus the staff of arcane power (because Staff of Arcane Power!). Plus the ability to swap in sneaking gear. Plus the ability to swap in Trapping gear.

Her backpack is immense, her hotbars are bewildering. Mawry is hard to play well. Which for me, translates to fun! But still, hard. Many, many hotbars.


Ranged: pretty good
Melee: okay, pretty good when I am getting sneak attacks
Self heal: very good
Flexibility/Support: excellent
Survivability: excellent

She is usually the last character standing, and when that happens, she is capable enough to complete the encounter herself and then revive everyone.

Overall, I am pretty pleased.

You go Mawry, you go!

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. I like! I like! I think I’ll need a Bachelors of Science in Gaming to understand it all, but I like! 🙂

  2. At least you can now pack thieves’ tools in stacks of 1,000. Lots of backpack-saving space, that is; I gained 6 spaces in just one day.

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