Nov 122014

the Heart of Madness
Knowing everything you know about this inn, would you still sleep there?

So now we know everything there is to know about Update 24. Pretty much. Thanks to Turbine developer Knockback’s forum post yesterday, the veil is lifted, and that which could not be known is now known.

Update 24 will contain:

And just as importantly as the above, the update will be on Lamannia this weekend, meaning they remain on-target for a release in late November or early December.

So four quests, one of which is a revamp of existing quests but three of which appear to be all new? Plus some systems revamp, and all to be delivered on time as promised.

Not bad.

And for those of you who want to look even further ahead, Knockback let out a gigantic hint at what will be in Update 25: the Temple of Elemental Evil. Sure, it’s been done up in a video game already, and it’s not as cool as White Plume Mountain would have been. But still. The Temple of Elemental Evil. In DDO.

The Temple of Elemental Evil.

How exciting!

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  1. Merla Bauerdatter should really consider selling that inn – she can’t be making much of a profit.

    Especially considering the damages she probably has to pay for after we’ve been in and killed everything


  2. Woo ToEE…gonna have to have a play through the old game again.. and then the other games Troika made (VTM bloodlines & Arcanum), because while sadly flawed with bugs, they were little gems & hey, community patches 🙂 Will be interesting to see how they adapt ToEE though, since the original was in the Greyhawk setting… i guess they could substitute a few names & stuff though & get a good approximation.

    Loving the Xoriat thing, always enjoy a good dose of madness & if you go in spoiler-free, they’re quests where you really can’t predict what’s going to happen next.

    Am keeping an eye on the barbarian changes, I really want to make my vanguard barbarian – or especially with the cosmetic weapons too, i might finally go with the halfling greatclub-wielder 🙂

    The tyranny of dragons tie-in… well, here’s hoping that eventually leads to a raid with FRIKKEN TIAMAT! as the boss.. as a fan of the old D&D cartoons especially that would make me squee in an entirely non-manly way.

  3. I know nothing about ToEE, and I still know its a damned good idea. DDO is wisely playing to classic D&D roots and differentiating themselves from D&D posers such as Neverwinter. It’s a good idea.

    I would have preferred more exploration of the Dreaming Dark over Xoriat, but anything’s fine in a pinch.

    As for that inn: There aren’t enough young and old priests on all of Xen’drik to exorcise that place!

  4. “So now we know everything there is to know about Update 24. Pretty much.”

    Uh, nope! 🙂 Heck, we didn’t even mention to increased drop rates for many quests and adventure packs…

  5. I have been hanging out for another Xoriat pack, this just got added to my must buy list 😀

    Talking about Temple of Elemental Evil, have ‘The Ultimate D&D Collection’ 80% off!

  6. This does look to be an interesting pack. I’m still waiting to see how well the changes to the barbarians will fall out. And another quest in the Sleeping Spell Inn…I agree with Grim…time to move that place out of the Twelve, lol.

  7. Why add new quest and other goodies im not agaist the new adventure packs but could you update shaverath EE TOD would be fun and twek the item sets a little also last thing when do favor souls get a enhacment adjustment

  8. The TOEE is my favorite “classic” adventure. I have DM’d this module many times and know it inside and out. Please, Turbine, do it right. Make it a Greyhawk add-on like the Forgotten Realms. Don’t half-ass it. The adventure is very in-depth to the Greyhawk mythos and may just be near-to-heart to many “old-time” D&Ders.

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