Feb 082011

Its official! Many/most/some of the Halfling Commandos will be assaulting Indianapolis in August for the Mother Of All Gaming Conventions.


One assumes that this allows you to register. Now, rather than later
This subtle GIF may allow you to register. One guesses they prefer registering now, rather than later, but that is just a guess

I attended last year, all by myself, my first time back in fifteen years. I had a great time! Some things had changed (there were no anime cosplayers in 1994) but most things remained the same (Magic the Gathering 24/7).

The only thing missing was my DDO compatriots. Yes, I went to the DDO meetup, and yes, it was interesting to meet Mockduck and Lessah and all the DDOCast folks in person. We rocked True Dungeon (more or less. You have to count losing with style as “rocking”), and Are You a Werewolf?

But this will be even better. My guildmates have become some of my closest friends. What could be more fun than four days of gaming with one’s best buds?

One drawback, we are full-size in real life and need full-size hotel rooms. The convention block hotels sold out too quickly for us to react but we worked out an alternative. There could be as many as a dozen of us. Some solo, some with spousal units and offspring. All in one place. For four days! Surrounding by games and gaming and gamers!


🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. We get to make to make our offspring “We are the real Halflings” and “My parents took me to GenCon on our family vacation and all I got were dice” t-shirts!!!!

    Bonus is it is the only place my girls can dress like princesses for 4 days without people looking at them oddly!

  2. You are getting your kids dice?


    Don’t tell mine, okay? At least two of them would be jealous.


  3. I have to find princess pink and princess purple dice. They will be excited. I will keep it hush-hush. I don’t want your kids being jealous of my 7 and 5 yr olds 🙂

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