Mar 162011

I have to be careful how often I check out The Guild website. Time has this funny way of deserting me whenever I am there; suddenly a day has gone by and my apartment neighbors are wondering what all the riotous laughter is about.

This isn’t news, they’ve been out for awhile, but I only recently came across the season 4 episodes. You want to watch them now.

Here’s a link to their latest music video “Game On”.

If you haven’t seen any episodes yet, oh my I am so envious of you! Go there now. You have a lot of laughter in your future.

No, seriously, stop reading and go. Now.

🙂 😀 🙂

p.s. Yes I know this is not exactly a scoop, the video came out last Comic-Con. But as we’ve already established, I don’t get out much

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  1. For some reason, I find it highly doubtful there will be a season 5, regardless of what their forums say. I love the stuff, I just think they might end up victims of their own success by moving on to other projects, IMO.

  2. I love the guild!

  3. I’ve stopped mentioning ‘The Guild’ to guy friends. They always wind up in geek-lust for Felicia Day! Aaaarrgh! 🙂

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