Nov 042013

The call echoes from the tops of the Stormhorm Mountains to the depths of Khyber. Full-throated cries of joy spread the word, from lizardman to mindflayer to kobold to halfling.

All is good and all is well, for this is the week that we can all have free raise cake!

Free Raise Cake!

It completely reaffirms everything you like about life in general, and DDO in particular.

The giveaway ends Nov. 7; there is no time to lose. Log in now and get yours!

Free raise cake!

Too pumped up to sleep
Sprinting to my computer
It’s Free Raise Cake Week!

And there was much rejoicing!

🙂 😀 🙂

  4 Responses to “The Greatest Free DDO Store Item – Ever! – Returns”

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  1. You are obsessed.

  2. Lol, nice haiku.

    IMO, rez cakes are a little overvalued. If I have to use one, it usually means the quest went pear-shaped and everything is fubar and it generally isn’t a rez cake that will save the day. The only times I find them useful are for the swim in The Crucible: if I die close to the key, I can pop up there and use it. Other than that, they are generally a waste for me.

    But I’m not complaining! I still like getting free stuff 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s more an addiction you have to this Siberys goodness. Or, to cakes…

  4. Ran a PUG today
    Nobody offered Death Ward
    Cakes are not a lie

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