The Gem Gym

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Sep 132013

Coin and the Huge Gem bag
Coin: 80 pounds, maybe, even with armor. Gems: 200 pounds. Ouch!

I loot all of the gems I find. All of them. Most of them I still have, even those I looted years and years ago. Once there was a bug where we got all kind of extra gems in every chest. I looted all of them too and still have most of them as well.

I like gems. I think I am in the minority here, but I do. They add a little variety; one can only loot gold and platinum so many times.

Every now and then, someone will raise a hue and cry on the forums about how useless gems are. A common question – shouldn’t they be part of the crafting system? Or somehow magical? Or maybe we need a Gem Broker somewhere? Can’t they just be … different somehow?

They are what they are. And what they are, though people sometimes have a hard time seeing this, is gold and platinum, but compressed into a handy portable carrying case. Nothing wrong with that, I like gold and platinum too.

Plus, the D&D purist in me appreciates them. One of the best and most fun things in tabletop D&D is rolling on the treasure tables*, which always had a chance to yield Gems & Jewels in varying qualities and quantities. Actually, now that I think about it, where are the jewels? Shouldn’t we be getting lots of non-magical, only-worth-currency necklaces and tiaras and so forth? I want jewels!

* Click on that link – here I’ll give it to you again – it takes you to a first edition AD&D treasure table utility. But set “Verbose Gems” to “Yes”!

But I digress. Back to DDO and especially, DDO gems.

They get a bit awkward when one is trying to hoard them, although things are much better now than they once were. Back when I began hoarding them, there were no bags of any sort; I had a mule character that lived by the mailbox. All of my characters mailed their gems to the mule. It was a lot of clicking, but hey, gems!

There was no crafting back then and everyone expected that someday, Turbine would create crafting. And maybe, just maybe, that crafting would involve gems. I could put 100 gems on the auction house (once there was an auction house that is, that wasn’t always the case) with the gem face value as the minimum and the buyout at 5x base value and sometimes, I would get it. If not, back to the mule they go, because I hoped they would be emphasized by a Turbine game change too.

Then crafting happened and didn’t involve gems and that was that. I’ve tried now and then, but since crafting debuted I have never been able to auction gems for even base value, let alone any multiple of base value.

But other changes made it easier to keep hoarding the gems, you know, just in case. Things like Gem Bags meant I no longer needed a mule. My hagglebot could store them herself, although she originally needed three large bags to hold the whole collection.

And later, Huge Bags debuted and now I could stuff them all into one place. Which I continue to do, to this day. Within limits: whenever I get over 800 of a gem, I take out 100 and sell them. Overall, I have sold many hundreds, probably several thousand gems, yet I estimate that I still have most of the gems I have ever looted.

Someday, someday! all this hoarding will pay off! Or at least so I keep deluding myself.

Thanks to the Huge Bag, the only remaining hoarding problem, other than the extra clickiness, is the sheer weight of the gems. The bag weighs 200 pounds! Yet my hagglebot weighs probably 80 pounds, including armor. Sometimes just putting the bag into her backpack causes her to become encumbered.

Diamonds and Rubies
Opals and Sapphires and Jade
Gotta catch ’em all!

But really, having so many gems that it is weighing you down is one of those good problems to have, right? Too many gems? Like those three words even belong in the same sentence?

No, they do not.

😀 🙂 😀

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  1. I’m one of those people who hoarded gems until crafting debuted. I still hoard them on my main, Zoesha, but all the junior characters sell theirs off at the vendor. They need the plat!

  2. Bag encumbrance is a pest – I had to do a bit of sorting and searching before tracking down my newly TRed monk’s centering issues to his gargantuan ingredients bag.

    You must have a deeply ingrained habit of avoiding the Sell Gems button – I quickly adopted the opposite strategy and I don’t think I could collect them now if I tried!

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