Oct 062014

Double Dessafon
Now with two! Two! Two red-named bosses in one!

The game has been doubling down on itself since the new update. Not regularly, not predictably, but still, now and then, the game is guilty of duping. Itself.

In case you are unaware, “duping” is a general term for an exploit that allows someone to increase their stock of an item without earning it. Generally these types of exploits double the stock of the effected item.

If you don’t believe that DDO has a duping issue, then you just don’t look at the Shard Exchange very often. There is an entire forum (the DDOVault) who’s primary raison d’être is the distribution of duping information. They used to have other purposes too but are now essentially all duping, all the time.

Duping runs amok in the DDO Shard Exchange
This looks completely legit

But I digress. This is not about exploitative player duping. This is about accidental bug-related in-game duping. Of itself.

First there was this interesting thread in the forum: Wow, Loadsa Loots. Apparently the game doubled up on loots in the Stormhorns.

Then Saturday, while finishing off the Druid’s Curse series, I noticed that Halsaime dropped two staffs. I was hoping I could pick up and keep one of them, the Harper that destroys the staff with a lightning bolt only destroyed one of them, but no such luck, the remaining staff just sat there, unselectable, mocking me.

Yet it was there. Undeniably duplicated. Even though I forget to get a screenshot.

Then yesterday, while in the High Road, in the Rebels Underground rare encounter, the game duped itself again.

  • Two red-named bosses
  • Two sets of treasure boxes
  • Two for one looting

Accidental haiku.

Twice the loot, twice the chance to be disappointed
That bartender is going to be buying _so_ much extra valueless loot from me!

If you look at the picture above you will notice five things: four of them are chests, where there should be only two. And also, I have forgotten to take off my Haggle helmet again. But let’s just ignore that little incompetence and focus on what’s important here. Four chests!

Not that four chests mean that I will get something good, I don’t have loot luck*, and doubling my chances only means I will be disappointed twice as often.

* Although lately, I do have Daily Dice luck. It feels strange to be on the positive side of a bell curve. I hope it lasts!

So there you have it. Double your pleasure, double your fun. Two-times-terrific. A double-game-glitch-athon. A double-palooza.

Twice as nice.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. it would seem as if DDO is becoming self aware… this is how Skynet starts folks!

  2. That named Yuan-Ti had a duplication issue once before, too – I remember once fighting three of him and getting six chests for it, in two neat stacks of three.

    Also, didn’t his name used to be DessafIn instead of DessafOn? I remember thinking it sounded like Desitin and wondering if he had diaper rash. 😀

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