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I was trying to sleep in Saturday but it wasn’t going well. There was more than one reason, but the main one was my Gamer Girl, having returned to bed fully dressed, inconsolably sad about something and needing hugs.

“Why didn’t you tell me it would just go away?” She asked. About something, I had no idea what. “It’s gone, it’s just gone.”

One of the many, many things that I love about my wife is her passion about the game we both play, DDO. But at this point I was busily trying to just remember how to be awake, separating light from dark, dream from reality.

“It’s the only really rare item I’ve ever found and I wasted it”. Having thus narrowed the range of possibilities down to those in game, I was trying to zero in on the source of the trouble.

“Urg? Wha?” I ask most cleverly.

Given enough time, and enough hugs, and enough clever questioning, I am eventually able to determine exactly what we are talking about.

A Pale Lavender Ioun Stone. Not yet upgraded, she’d given it to her rogue Yazdia and equipped it to help fighting the beholders in Invaders! Only to have it used up and unexpectedly disappear.

Yes, the Suppressed Powers version of the stone has spell absorption charges that do not come back, and when they are used up, the stone is used up too and disappears. It actually says this right in the item description: “The Stone will burn out and become useless when all the charges are expended“. The upgraded version is not like that; it has more charges, and they recharge. You can’t use the whole stone up.

But she had not yet upgraded hers. And so, it was gone, irretrievably.

Now that I know what we are up against I know the right things to say. I mean, I’ve never had a Pale Lavender stone myself, I get it. But still, I point out that the Stone is not really that rare anymore, they drop on every third completion of the Dreaming Dark, we can farm another one if we are just diligent, and naturally I offer to begin doing so at earliest opportunity.

The words help a little, the hugs help even more, and although I will not be going back to sleep that Saturday we are otherwise soon back on an even keel and moving on with our day.

Later we are both playing. Our tour of all the quests in DDO has reached level 5, meaning our first visit to Three Barrel Cove. We zip through the early quests and make our way into the wilderness adventure area. Our quest-completion strategy does not require us to “complete” adventure areas, but we do make an effort to snag as many rare encounters as we can for Monster Manual-based reasons.

And so there we are, heroically running about a pirate ship that is moored on a hilltop in the adventure area, as full of boxes as it is empty of inhabitants. And I am enthusiastically breaking said boxes because it is a habit that I am having a very hard time breaking.

One of them emits that dull thudding sound that means it has extruded some kind of item. Usually that means 20 Anarchic Throwing Hammers or something equally vendor-worthy. But not this time.

No, not this time.

A Stone, in a Box
This really happened, so there is a screenshot.
Click here to see it.

Can you believe it? The only Ioun Stone I’ve ever found, and it’sΒ  in a box, this box, out of the thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of boxes and crates and jars I’ve broken, the only one, there it is. Today of all days. Another Pale Lavender Ioun Stone. Just laying there to be picked up.

Within two hours of my Gamer Girl’s loss, the game gives us a replacement.


πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

p.s. How will I ever stop breaking boxes now?

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  1. Wow, best proof of how much fun it is to break boxes ever. πŸ™‚

  2. Dude! That is HILARIOUS!!!

    There is no better(worse?) way to feed addiction than to provide something sought for at the moment when one is contemplating a stop to an activity that had been, to that moment, seemingly without reward.

    Good for you Geoff! Keep smashing those boxes and crushing those barrels! Huzzah!

    p.s. The best item I’ve ever found from smashing boxes? A +2 Strength tome, seriously! (I know, screenshit or it didn’t happen, but really!)

    p.s.s. I need to spend more time on Sarlona with the Commandos! You guys are right in the wheelhouse of most of my toons over there! (Stupid TR project has me all obsessive on Khyber)

  3. Nice find m8y! Very nice indeed! Oh and a note on Dreaming Dark… Turbine fixed it so that when you reach your 3rd completion you can’t just abandon the quest, re-run it and get a different stone offered.

    Now you really have to run it 3 times at a chance of getting the one you want otherwise it will take you another 3 runs for another attempt.

  4. So that presumably means that technically, *you* don’t have a PLIS at all Geoff? πŸ™‚

    • Correct! But I do have a happy wife who has one good thing on the Geoff Balance Sheet to compile against the ever-growing list of things I do wrong or annoyingly. πŸ™‚

      Also, now you see why I could not run this story on April 1 πŸ™‚

  5. Wow!!! That is truly incredible! The best thing I’ve gotten out of box-breaking is a cold iron-studded handwraps

  6. Congrats Geoff. That’s amazing. Keep breaking those boxes.

  7. And what wife would NOT want a gem from their husband unexpectedly? πŸ™‚ Good timing, there.

  8. Congrats., Olladra works in mysterious ways.

    I seem to pull Ioun stones all the time, not sure why, and I’ve never really run IQ. Baudry’s gave me a Pale Lavender the other day … on the wrong server! πŸ˜‰

    Korthos gives out +1 Tomes these days…

    This is why I have barbarian box breaking mentality, granted I think I get most of my stones from chests, breakables loot fascinates me!

  9. This is exactly how I found my first one ! so it’s not a fluke and no one would believe me until I showed it to them.

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