May 162013


And so the survivors of the MyDDO Mourning arrived in the blogosphere of DDOGamer. The good king Geoff allowed them to form their own settlement, which they called … well they still called it DDOGamer. There they built up a small city and tried to rebuild their blogs. Many questions about the fall of MyDDO still remain, but at least for now they have a place to post. How long will this peace last?

I’m Back!

Sorry it took me so long to post again. I had a few distractions, in addition to the time I took to learn about my new environment. MyDDO gave me the luxury of being able to post with little attention to format. Now that I am here, I plan to take this opportunity to grow as a blogger. Who knows, maybe I will even develop actual skills?

Wilderness Only

First, the big news. I finally hit the level 20 cap on my Wilderness only! I made a post in the Achievements section under my pseudonym. I plan to write a nice detailed summary of my experiences with each wilderness I visited, but that can wait for another post. That will be a bit to much information for this post. I have been on a break with her recently, partly because I have been wanting to use the xp bonuses on some of my neglected alts and partly because of my new game below. I have a nice list of chores for her to do before she TR’s, but it feels weird to have her run a quest. Almost like I am sullying her.

Don’t Starve!

If you don’t know what game this is, you can find more info all over the web. It’s become a bit of a sensation. It’s available on Steam,, or even through Chrome. I didn’t think it would absorb so much of my time. I haven’t gotten very far yet, and my best has only been just short of 30 days. On the plus side, I have discovered that if I ever get stuck in the wilderness, I am more likely to die from attempting something foolish than I am from starvation. That’s a powerful piece of self-enlightenment there.


Every time I try to leave….

They reel me back in! I’ve got those “Do I leave my guild, or stay?” blues. The leader has not been seen or heard from since last October, and we have been in sharp decline since around that time. We dipped down to about 9 members from our original 35, though I suspect only three of us actually played any of the characters in the guild at its low point. The rest just log in to check inventories, or are active on other characters outside the guild. Recently a few of the more avid players have returned, and our guild renown has stabilized. It has stayed at lvl 65 since the leader left, though it almost dropped to 64. That was going to be my last straw, but it never happened. Thus they retained me…

On the one hand, I have been maintaining the guild amenities all by myself, and I have them all the way I like for when I quest. I helped build this guild up when the levels were first introduced, I invested AD’s in the airship, and this is the first guild that ever invited me. Also, on the vanity side, the guild name really plays into all of my characters theme’s as survivors of the Mourning. I feel attachment with the guild, even if it seems like a hollow one sometimes.

On the other hand, I have only ever done a guild run about twice with these people, and that was not recently. They are all on east coast time, and it seems to work out that they are finishing up by the time I get online. Well, when there were enough guild members that they didn’t PUG it. I would really love a guild that would accept me as a casual player, with enough members that I can pop in and someone is doing something I want to do. I also feel that (now that I have characters near it) the end game feels inaccessible without  a guild to run Epic content with. PUG’s just dont seem to be available when I am on.

Well that’s it for now

I have myself a three day weekend, so you will probably see Outro and maybe some of my other alts running around after that XP bonus. Look me up if you are on Khyber, and until next time, Dont Starve!

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  1. Congratulations! And welcome to DDOGamer!

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