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Prepping for the dragon
Velah, and the DDO forums, both known for devastating flame attacks

As mentioned previously, one of this year’s first goals is to get my Gamer Girl through the Vault of Night. Her badass rogue Yazdia is prepped and waiting, level 12, and has stopped earning XP to avoid accidentally going above level.

I’ve gotten my formerly failed Favored Soul – now revamped and rebuilt as a melee FvS/Paladin – also prepped and waiting at level 12. Diabola has earned herself a Calomel weapon, while my Gamer Girl has chosen to pass on the Calomel in favor of her green steel Mineral II rapier.

We are prepped and equipped and flagged and eager.

Now all we need is companions. Oh, and some idea how to run the raid. The quest has changed since back in the day when I used to run it constantly, a lot. I am not sure I’ve run it successfully on Heroic since … DDO went free to play? Epics were introduced? A very long time. Very.

Even the DDO Wiki article is failing me as it is talking primarily about how to beat the quest on Epic. Heroic is a footnote: “Exactly the same as above except there are no Djinni”. Is it really that simple? Why doesn’t the article even mention the old Hero method? Or Bee Breath? Or … well … the things I need to know to feel confident leading a VON6 raid on Elite at level 12.

So I appealed to the forums. Sometimes this works and you get helpful information. Sometimes you get ignored. Usually you get insulted as well as helped or ignored. But I am desperate, and my desperation overcomes my natural antipathy. Soon, I’ve posted a plea for information. Later, I tentatively half-cover my face and try to peek at the resulting thread with slotted eyes and peripheral vision, hoping to avoid the worst of the flames therein, and am both surprised and pleased that there are no flames at all.

Just a series of helpful tips. Huh. Helpful and flame-free. Who’d have figured?

I’ll save you all the trauma of visiting the forums directly and transcribe the tips here:

From Enoach:

Monsters do still spawn on each of the bases. The difference is that there are no shields blocking the towers.

Bard fascinate is still useful in disabling the monsters for a short time.

The Hero method could work, but with spawns and eggs appearing at specific intervals I don’t believe it will work as well as it use to.

I would recommend a main group on the Dragon and alternating healing with Mass Cure Light/Moderate and scrolls of Mass Cure Moderate.

From Rawrargh:

There’s no djinn on heroic, so you just gotta kill the pillars together.

Velah still does her breath which is still devastating.

If no one’s in melee range, things go bad quickly.

The hero method still works, however with a group of TR’s/vets that know what they’re doing it’s entirely possible to take Velah down before the breath, especially with an ice sorc or two spamming frost lance and otiluke’s.

From Ivan_Milic:

Also dont forget spell absorption item if you are going to ice base, 250 dmg per polar ray which I find to be ridiculous.

Did EE reclaiming the rift now, casters hit for 280 with polar ray, that quest is around 14-15 lvls higher than he von6.

From sephiroth1084:

Keep in mind that Velah is vulnerable to cold on heroic. Healing is easier than it used to be on heroic, but can still be overwhelming, from what I’ve seen. If you have multiple characters than can heal, I’d assign each to a particular character, targeting them with alternating mass cures and single targets to keep them up.

Ranged attackers (archers, casters) can hammer her down very quickly now, but if you get a bunch of people who die, things can domino more quickly than in epic. She doesn’t wait very long to start throwing Cometfall if no one is in front of her, and she regens very quickly. Add to that a lower number of characters that can Raise Dead, and things can go sideways swiftly.

From era42:

The basic difference:

On epic, prepping means you get Djinns almost dead, then when the kill order comes, kill djinn+pillar.

On heroic, prepping means you pound the pillars close to dead. Then when the kill order comes, kill pillars.

So there you have it. Protips for bringing down Velah at level 12. All of which I intend to apply whilst defeating her and helping earn the first-ever victory for my Gamer Girl.

Hopefully you’ll be reading about it soon. Actual “soon”, not Turbine “Soon™”

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. Doesn’t happen enough these days, but raid leaders need to call raids, people that know a raid need to eat humble pie and suck respective raid eggs. Sometimes the raid leader is wrong, but there are ways of informing them (if you know any, tell Bob). And, some raids have more than one way to run them, if the raid leader isn’t running the raid to your guild’s exact method, that doesn’t mean it is wrong.

    Bob’s Heroic, and mostly Epic, Vault of Night (part 6[sic]) tips:
    (In no particular order)

    – Melee stand in front of Velah not under her, including not under her head…

    – Someone call fire, preferable in voice-chat, then everyone hide behind a rock.

    – If you dick around on the threshold she WILL Cometfall, so don’t; make sure everyone knows when the group is entering her arena, and all enter together with melee charging straight to her nose (again, voice-chat).

    – When ever you emerge from fire-breathing-scary-hiding, immediately all melee back to her nose, stop those Cometfalls and be healed together 🙂

    – Don’t send Bob to Ice.

    – Prep pillars to some percentage, say 10%, have people on islands announce this, and wait for raid leader to call kill.

    – If you have to rinse and repeat your pillars, relax and do just that.

    – Trust your healers, mass healing is aimed at the mass, be in that mass!

    – Sort your island groups before entering part 6, i.e. after killing the golem and before stepping into the shiny light.

    – Don’t send Bob to Ice.

    Yes most of this is similar to what others have said, but in Bob’s experience these are the things that most often go wrong, so Bob thinks need to be repeated.

    TLDR: Dragons have gold, and Bob is ranting.

  2. Stock up on the blue fireshield potions in the ice games, 50% less damage from velah’s breath that’s available to everyone, should make a difference 🙂

  3. I also haven’t completed this on heroic elite since they buffed the raid bosses. Oddly epic elite is easier. I have given it 3 attempts hopefully you fare better. As has been pointed out things disintegrate fast because the party just doesn’t have the gear/spells to bail it out when things start to go wrong. That said, I feel it can be done pretty easily if you can control the party make up. Ideally getting druids and ice sorcs are the key. Greater creeping cold from the druid and the usual ice sorc combos will wreak havoc on heroic Velah. Especially if one of them is far enough into the enhancement tree to awaken cold weakness. Ideal party is probably 2 sorcs, 2 druids, 2 fvs/clerics, rogue, 5 melee with two being monks or monk splashes. Divines targeting the melee, druids throw mass vigors as well. One monk stays in on Velah, the other back ups if the first goes down.

    Of course, it can be hard to fill the group at level and you end up having to take what you can get. One thing about the calomel weapons, I don’t believe they stack, so while everyone would benefit from the greater dragon bane obviously the cold ticks would only apply to one weapon, not everyone will get them.

  4. What is this “Hero method” you speak of? Enquiring minds, and all that…

    • Deja vu … I asked much the same in some previous bloggy post.

      I believe it involves one joker soloing the big red gal, whilst the rest cheer from the sidelines, I think the theory was one guy is easier to heal than ten…

      (Bring on the corrections!)

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