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Mawry is dead; long live Mawry!
Mawry is dead; long live Mawry!

Mawry’s seventh life was scheduled to be a Paladin; someone who melees and self-heals and keeps the bad guys off the softer people in the party.

Except that sounds exactly like her last life as a Cleric. Hmmm. When I laid out her life plans, I thought it would keep things fresh if I alternated caster classes and melee classes. But I didn’t envision that I would be playing the Cleric strictly for melee.

I feel a need to mix things up.

Staying with the Charisma-based school of thought, how about a sorceror? That is the direct opposite playstyle of her last life, avoiding monstrous attentions and nuking everything to death from a safe distance.

Except sorcerers are not awesome solo candidates while a leveling TR seems to spend a lot of time soloing. Also, sorcerers die a lot. Or at least, the ones I play do. Really a lot.

  • Problem: Halfling sorcerers are fragile but Mawry must remain a Halfling
  • Solution: build a robust Halfling sorceror

And thus was born the Monceror. Or Sorceronk. Or whatever it is to be called, a Sorc18/Monk2 hybrid with robustness assisted by Monk levels (feats, Evasion, etc) and a whole lotta Constitution. More CON (18) than CHA (16).

This is probably not an end-game build. Maybe, but I’d want fully maxed CHA. But Mawry will not be seeing the end-game anytime soon, even when she is done with this new life that still makes her only 50% of a Completionist.

Ouch, it hurts to see that last fact laid out like that. Oh well. Someday I will finish; gotta have hope, right?

Regardless, the Sorceronk/Monceror exists, she’s out there now, in your bases, killing your dudes.

I’ll let you know how it goes.

🙂 😀 🙂

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  1. If it’s just a TR build you might benefit from going 16 sorc/2 pal/2 monk for the silly high save bonus. Evasion + base sorc reflex saves won’t actually evade much 🙂

    You’d give up a couple caster levels and the t3 savant but by the time you’d have that anyways you’re pretty much ready to TR again.

  2. I’m not very good at playing a sorc since I prefer CC to blasting, but is max CHA necessary? Warforged sorc being pretty popular for self healing, they also take a cha hit, and stay alive with quickened heals. What about 2 rogue for umd and evasion so you can at least use scrolls, since warforged is off the table?

  3. Re: paladin – we will see. Certainly a possibility.

    Re: rogue – no. Will have UMD.?

  4. An ideal choice would be warforged actually. But since you mentioned in your article the need to stay halfling it makes sense. Actually, the build could be quite strong. I’m curious if you’ve decided to lend yourself more to the blasting aspects or crowd control possibilities with your build? You can do either or both simultaneously without much trouble in heroic leveling.

    One of the cool things about halfling is access to the dragonmarks. They can be quickened for potent self healing in tough situations. And, of course there is the aspect of being able to scroll or wand oneself. Halfings have issues with str, so do whatever you can to pump that up some. It’s irritating to be overencumbered while trying to loot chests or rendered helpless easily by ray of enfeeblement.

    Other than that your build should have solid hp, good nukeage, and very good cc options. You will need all of those to manage the aggro you will generate. Sounds like fun actually 🙂

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