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Hurry Arco! The clock is ticking!
Hurry Arco! The clock is ticking!

Last night was guild night. A couple of our lower-level guild mates were on, and in a fit of bonhomie, we decide to drop down to levels 4-7 and see what we can all run together. The realization that there are seven of us quickly reduced all choices to only one: short-manning The Chronosphere.

I look at the group. Three rogues. Two artificers. A bard. And me on my paladin/fighter newbie tank Cutlass. This will simply not do. I politely excuse myself with a promise to “be right back”.

Except when I am back I will not be Cutlass anymore, I will be a brand-new cleric that does not even exist yet. Everyone is waiting: it will have to be a five minute cleric.

You may be asking “How good of a cleric can anyone build in five minutes?”

Let’s see, shall we?

Arco Godiva

The Five-minute Casting Cleric


  • STR 8
  • DEX 10
  • CON 16
  • INT 12
  • WIS 18
  • CHA 10

Basically I just maxed WIS and CON, then backed off CON by two to free up enough points to get INT to 12 (I will probably need a few skill points) and STR to 8 (have to be able to carry something heavier than robes).

Arco is a 32-point build. I don’t see this as much of a bar, 32-point builds have become pretty easy to acquire. She is also starting as a level 7 veteran, another fairly easy to acquire feature. But if you were doing this from scratch you would still want to max WIS, nearly max CON, and scramble to get to 12 INT for skill-point-based reasons.


  • Empower Healing
  • Mental Toughness
  • Improved Mental Toughness

She also selected Follower of the Sovereign Host so that she’d get the free super-heal Unyielding Sovereignty.


  • Healing Domain
  • Extra Turning x3
  • Altruism x3
  • Pacifism
  • Efficient Empower Healing x3
  • Improved Turning
  • Intense Healing x3
  • Endless Turning
  • Positive Energy Burst

All for healing, since I am building this character specifically for the purpose of getting an unruly mob of halflings through a raid with only seven people playing. But this is a good set of choices regardless; healers are so important at lower levels, and I’ve only spent 24 points. There will be plenty of points in the future to bolster her offensive casting capabilities.


  • At each level take Concentration, Heal and Spellcraft
  • At each stat power up, take WIS

Again, a good plan even for later levels when the focus shifts to offensive casting.


  • Level 7 veteran starter pack
  • A weapon that has Devotion of Healing Lore
  • Lots of Cure Moderate Wounds wands

Fortunately there was a level 6 Devotion of Healing Lore sceptre on the Shard Exchange for only 4 shards. Arco should also have an item of Wizardry, and a few mnemonic potions, and a pile of Cure Serious Wounds wands. But I am out of time and will have to make do with the above.

Someone starting this build without Veteran status would want to focus on getting the best Wisdom, devotion, healing lore, spell points and hit points items that they can afford. Nothing else matters very much.


  • 146 Hit Points
  • 516 Spell Points
  • 108 Positive Spellpower
  • 18 DC on Command, 19 on Soundburst and Hold Person
  • 7 uses of Radiant Burst, which slowly replace themselves over time

The numbers include ship buffs, and the Halfling Commandos have a pretty decent ship.

But even so, those are nice numbers for a level 7. I am looking at this character and thinking that I could not have done better even if I had spent the usual several hours messing with Ron’s Character Planner. I have accidentally stumbled across Peak Low-level Healer, and done so in five minutes.

In the future, Arco will want more spellpower (Maximize, Empower), spell penetration (Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration) and a whole lot of enhancements from the Divine Disciple tree. But that can wait. Today her job is to heal people and today she does it quite well.

Or at least as well as her player is capable of doing. Which is a problem, frankly, I am not a very good healer. I am not much of a player in general but I am especially not good at healing.

A bad player and a five-minute build. Sounds ominous, right? But somehow, we were victorious in spite of all that.

Probably because my Gamer Girl built her own five-minute cleric too, so there were two of us. One of which was played by someone with actual gaming skills.

Guess which one? Hint: not me.

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  1. Brilliant. Had to do this myself for an Elite Shroud run when Iconics first came out. I knew as much about Sun-Elves/healers as I did the difference betwixt Shinola/..that other stuff. The group had to wait 15 mins for a mediocre healer; luckily I could puzzle.
    Well done. Speed building is feat worthy of a past life. πŸ˜‰

  2. Love it. I’ve actually done this myself, sometimes having the need to roll up a character super-quick. Pretty sure we ended up around the same place.

  3. personally i start with 18 wis and cha on all my cleric builds, ok not ideal for chrono but for speed lvling at low lvl being able to storm necro 1 and catacombs pretty much without challenge by spamming turns and the extra auras/heal bursts is always handy. with all the stuff later on to give u a few extra hps i dont realy see the point of con above 12 these days

  4. I hame come to believe in the Enlarge feat. Enlarged Renewal is awesome in large arenas such as FoT and Thunder Peaks. I even take it for SLAs on my wizzy.

  5. “Arc of a Diver?”

    Yeah, I just rolled 20 on my Useless Trivia skill. You get +1 for spending an extra 30 seconds turning up that name.

    • Yes. A character name drawn from a misheard Steve Winwood song lyric. I thought it was “Arco Godiva”.

      I learned the truth of course but preferred my own version and named a PnP character after it. Since then there have been many Arco Godivas, all female clerics, in a variety of different video games.

  6. Nice indeed. Sometimes I spend more time in figuring out a name for my character than I do actually developing its build.

  7. Please add a Re-blogging feature to your website so I can repost your articles on my new blog, DDOCentral.

    • I will look into it. Thanks for your interest!

    • As it turns out, reblog is a feature that is only available to sites hosted on This site uses WordPress software but is hosted independently. So … no reblog. πŸ™

      Maybe we can figure something else out? There is a DDOGamer RSS feed. πŸ™‚

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