Mar 032016

The Evilest of Gnomes
With Gnomes added, I’ve decided to try my hand at the new iconic Deep Gnome. I don’t have a real wizard, and my wizard life on Babingo is quite distant, so I figured; why not? However, I am currently on a caster life with Babingo, so I also didn’t want a pure caster. What to do…

I decided to roll up Babspell as a Deep Gnome battle-wizard. Pure wizard, using Int to Damage from the Harper tree, and with great criticals on a pickaxe using a combination of Improved Critical and the Gnome enhancement. There are no named light picks (YET!) so the best crit profile I can probably get is 18-20 X4, which isn’t bad at all (but DOES give me a great idea for a swashbuckling gnome! Maybe next life….)

Originally I wanted to go TWF, so I rolled up the character. However, I realized that my high Dex wasn’t doing much for me, and that I could really benefit from an orb in my offhand. Besides, my stat bonus (Int) will be so high that adding it twice is just too good to pass up.

So I rerolled as a SWF gnome, maxing out Int and putting the rest in Con. Ended up with a 6/8/18/20/10/6 spread (str/dex/con/int/wis/cha) which is acceptable.

DDOGamer accidentally presents: A week of Gnome character builds

The next thing I discovered is just how AP-starved this build is. I decided to focus on 3 goals:

1) Max out DCs for Illusion spells
2) Self healing and survivability from Pale Master
3) DPS from SWF and Harper

This meant that right off the bat, I had some minimum AP requirements:
a) MUST spend 12 in Harper for Int to hit and damage. I also get 60 spellpoints and 1 Int from this tree, but that’s nothing to write home about — I could have been getting that stuff from a tree I’d really need the points in.
b) If I want two Phatasmal Killer SLAs so I can alternate castings (and I DO!) I need to spend quite a few points in the Deep Gnome tree. This is also needed for the expanded crit range (and lots of bonus damage that will get multiplied on crits!) I can get both for 20 AP; as a bonus, I can pick up +3 to Illusion DCs for just 3 points instead of the 6 I’d need to spend in the Archmage tree. I also get +2 Int and Color Spray, which is turning out to be quite handy.

c) For the second of my two Phantasmal Killer SLAs, I need to invest 21 points into Archmage. That gets me 90 more SP, cheaper Empowers, a spell power bonus when wielding an orb, and some relatively useful SLAs (especially Displacement, which now becomes cheap enough to keep on all the time!).

d) That leaves me with just 27 points — not enough for Lich form, sadly. That leaves me with a question… Leave Pale Master at 11 and Vampire form so that I can go deep enough in Eldritch Knight to wear light armor, combined with the Mage Armor spell for a percentage bonus to AC, or go for Wraith Form at 21 points in Pale Master and only take enough in Eldritch Knight for the cleave attack and one elemental weapon? Unfortunately, I cannot do both. Please leave advice in the comments!


So far, I haven’t had to worry about that last point. I’ve been running around Gianthold as a vampire, banging things on the head with a hammer (since I don’t have a pick yet.) I’ve got to say — it’s a blast! I’m not sure how viable I’ll be in Epic Elites, but for now, I’m certainly having fun.

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  1. Personally, I would stick with Vampire. I have never felt Wraith added much of anything compared to the vampires DC buff.

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