Nov 042015

When I first arrived in Stormreach two years ago, I was weeks short of the Hunt of the Undead and the Mabar Festivals. I was excited to experience it, but it was cancelled last year due to some infestation of mimics, and I was disappointed since. This year, the mimics have been exterminated, but the original host of the Mabar Festivals was not found. Yet, the Hunt of the Undead continued under the hosting of several adventurers, and I saw what it was at last. It appears as if it was more of a protective measure rather than a fun event. The negative influence of Mabar has created undead within Delera’s Grave.

It was enjoyable, though. The undead weren’t strong, so it wasn’t much of a challenge, and there were many more adventurers pitching in. The reason I enjoyed this event was because I hate undead, to put it bluntly. I have since I was young, and few have gained my sympathy. The exceptions are the few necromancers who destroy undead, as well as a strange vampire who collects giantish necklaces. Destroying that amount of skeletons, wights, wraiths, shadows, mummies, vampires, and wheeps lifted a chunk of the burden on my soul.

The other part of why I enjoyed the Night Revels is because it was cute in its own disturbing way. The undead were all carrying different kinds of candies. Mostly chocolate, but caramel, cinnamon, almonds, and apples were included. I haven’t eaten any, and frankly, I’m scared to. But it is adorable, nonetheless. Who knew that such vile creatures would have a soft side for sweets?

But one last thing disturbs me, slightly. Some of the vampires have been talking about some mysterious “master”. As if they weren’t raised by the darkness of the Endless Night. Could it be the work of the Black Abbott? The Blood of Vol? Someone else entirely? Or are they all confused? I tried interrogating a few vampires, but they didn’t say anything. The answer may reveal itself through time. I hope nothing happens, though , for the sake of Stormreach.

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  1. I’m not one who’d pretend that I’m privy to what the Undying Court’s studies have revealed about this dread master we keep hearing about in Delera’s Graveyard during Night Revels.

    That being said, there are benefits to spending most of your free time in the taverns.

    A few bold acolytes have let slip their tongues and the following words chilled me to the bone, though I know not why for a humble fellow as I have never heard of this being:

    “The Oinolith is their Master.”

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