Nov 092016

I understand as I post this that others will not see this the same way that I do, probably even people who I respect and admire.

But I can’t see this as anything other than a dark, dark day.

My grief is too deep to think about a game today.


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  1. Dude, I’d love to tell you that it doesn’t look so bad with the benefit of a few hours sleep that we’ve had here in the UK. But I’d be lying. The look of disbelief on people’s faces and the sentences that begin “How could they …. ” that fade to nothing, when the only reply is a sigh and a shrug. And we’ve had Brexit so we’ve already had a morning like this where you question the sanity of the masses and can’t believe that they’ve been duped. That then turns to anger at the opposition for their incompetent handling of things. You’ll be asking why they didn’t bend over backwards to get a Clinton – Sanders ticket. You’ll ask what the hell’s going on when you have two choices and both are to vote against one thing or vote against another, when it should be a positive vote for something. Finally you resign yourself to make the best of a bad outcome and refuse to be beaten into submission by the idiocy around you.

  2. To Women, Minorities, Alternatives of all types I can’t tell you how sorry I am. For the first time in my life I’m truly ashamed of my country. Principled opposition has just left the country.

    Republican for Clinton.

  3. *crickets chirping*

  4. I’ll be turning 18 in less than a month. I wasn’t able to vote. Am I mad? By Olladra’s bloody nose I am! Not even Khyber can contain my rage! But am I going to sit and not do anything for the rest of my life? Of course not! I’d rather visit Lolth and ask her on a date than give up. I’m going to make my presence known by being loud and not letting anyone tell me who to be. We have two years folks! Two years until next voting season! LET’S TAKE BACK THE HOUSE FROM THIS PIT FIEND AND HIS CULT FOLLOWING! Give voice to the people! Reform the Republican party into an organization that’s proud to say what they are! TAKE BACK THE HOUSE! We can do this if EVERYONE works for it!

  5. We live in strange times.

  6. I’m so depressed. And I’m scared. I’d really like to try to be positive, but I just can’t find anything – ANYTHING AT ALL – about the imminent reality of this racist, sexist, xenophobic, lying, bullying, incompetent piece of crap that isn’t negative.

    Heaven help us all.

    • I used to think along the lines of “take the moral high ground”. Now I decided that being positive and nice doesn’t work against this monstrosity, so now I’m thinking “what would Ralph P. McMurphy do?”
      You wouldn’t understand unless you’ve read One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest by Ken Kesey.

  7. I’m thinking about starting a blog of my own. The general concept is that the Left needs to be just as prepared to meet Right-leaning aggression with implacable resistance if necessary. Let’s not forget that war is the continuation of politics by other means. I am NOT advocating violence, I am advocating being prepared to meet it head on if comes.

    Militantis Sinistram
    • The second amendment is not just for Republicans, and NRA members, it also protects the rights of Democrats to own firearms, so exercise your rights, buy a firearm and join the NRA
    • The Tree of Liberty is not exclusively watered by Republican blood, prepare a go bag with your firearm, know who your friends are. Not just “friends”, friends who will help you move bodies, seriously – move bodies
    • Thanks to Pastor Martin Niemöller we know what to look for when they start coming for our friends
    • I can’t change my ethnicity but like the Danes did for the Jews in 1940 (they all wore yellow stars) we should all declare ourselves as bi-sexual, even if we are, or aren’t
    • Because these actions come right up the edge and their is still room for discourse, join your local chapter of the ACLU to use civil means to defend yourself

    Geoff, this is very political. I’ll understand if you feel you can’t post it and will not be offended.

    • I do not advocate taking up arms. I do not advocate talking about taking up arms. I defend your right to free speech, even unhelpful free speech like talking about blood and bodies. But I cannot say strongly enough how much I oppose it.

      I don’t think talking about armed resistance, even “just in case” as you are, is helpful to the national dialog.

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