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The Mizza Zone

So, about 4 years ago I was mainly a console heavy gamer. I own(ed) a signifigant number of games for my Original Xbox & PS2. Then, stores stopped selling Xbox games. Then, more recently, they stopped selling PS2 games. This had a pretty big effect on me. I knew those days were coming but I simply didnt want them to come at those times. I was having WAY too much fun for it to end. But, like all things, they did and I had to find a way to fill that void.

Enter my resurrgence into the world of MMOs. I retried Runescape but Jagex really messed the game up. After that I spent a year bouncing between those stupid P2W games where you just sit around all day building structures, attacking other players and eventually hit a paywall.

Then a wonderful thing happened! I discovered DDO! Liking DDO, I tried LOTRO. After that it was WoW, SWTOR, STO and more recently, Neverwinter. These games, for the last few years, have managed to fill the void that was made with the stoppage of new games for my old consoles. DDO, LOTRO & SWTOR being the most major.

Over the last few years, Ive encountered alot of people on those games. Some were fun, others werent. A few started fun but certain stupid things made them cease being fun people. But overall, the majority of the people Ive met have been some of the single most awesome people I could have ever encountered in an MMO.

Yesterday, one of the best things I could have hoped for happened:


My siblings bought me an Xbox 360, which as you can tell, came with the latest Tomb Raider & Halo 4. Soon, Im going to have Borderlands 1 & 2, Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 and a years subscription to Xbox Live so the bunch of us can kick each others asses and whatnot. Those arent the only games coming my way, naturally, but theyre the start.

So, what does this all mean? To be honest, it means my days playing MMOs are now officially numbered. The time I spend playing them is going to see a decrease. Ones that worked only as diversions, like STO & Neverwinter, Im likely to stop playing. LOTRO will likely become dead to me. DDO will remain as my weekend game with Comic and occasionally Even. SWTOR… I dunno. I do love it, I mean, its freaking Star Wars! But its likely going to see a severly decreased amount of love & attention.

I just really wanted to say thank you to everyone whos made my time playing theseΒ MMOs and sharing my thoughts on them, dealing with my rants, offering me help when I needed advice and overall were nice & friendly to me for being there these last 4(ish) years. I also wanted to say Im sorry I never really had the ability to play with most of you(Grim & Geoff, just to name a couple) due to my odd play hoursΒ or being on a different server. For the people who were fun at first, thank you for the good times while they lasted, Im sorry you had to become dicks.

Ill still pop on, from time to time, but I really see myself transitioning back to console gaming again. So, again, thank you all, its been a fun ride, adios!

Mizzaroos Song Of The Day

PS: I still plan on working on my Elven Barbarian story.

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  1. aaaaaawww πŸ™

  2. Like the cow, you’ll go on a magical journey, and then one day …. Poof!!! …. you’re back.


  3. It was nice being the tourism guide for your Empire and sorry I couldn’t fulfill that other position you wanted to assign me.

    Sometimes I miss console gaming and chances are that if for some reason I were to leave DDO and magically own a console and few games then I’d take the same decisions you are taking now.

    However, console gaming is not what it used to be at all, I’m talking about the SNES and PSOne generations.

    Anyways, have fun, that’s what matters, see you around.

    • Of course it’s not what it used to be. But, being someone who played those consoles + the N64, I believe console gaming has vastly improved. Characters are more than just goofy shaped creatures. Environments are lush, alive and beautiful. Control over the characters is way better. To top it all off, games are actually beatable now! But that’s my opinion. πŸ™‚

  4. The question is, when are you going to grow up and stop playing games? πŸ™‚

  5. I’ll be sorry to not see you… and just as I was starting to ramp up a little in SWKotOR. If you do happen to wander into any new online worlds (or any of the old ones for that matter), shoot me a message. It’s likely I am there in those worlds somewhere. May the force by with you…

  6. @Micki: NEVER!!!!!

    • πŸ™‚ I’m just teasing. And it’s also a ref to the “For the people who were fun at first, thank you for the good times while they lasted, Im sorry you had to become dicks”. I enjoy playing games as much as the next person, but sometimes I just reach my limit. Not everyone plays the same games, and Mizz accusing ppl of being dicks just because they don’t enjoy her adhd ways.. is rather rude. But, hell, I may be wrong, maybe some ppl did turn out to be dicks, but if she is referring to me here, I’ve never treated Mizz bad in any way. I just got tired of her constant need for attention and games. I know I do it too, but Mizz is a complete class of her own.

      Yup I bow down to queen Mizz, and then bow out.

      P.S. At 20+ I would assume it would be time to start acting as that, and not as a 10 year old.

  7. So – going back to console gaming, eh? One the one-hand, bummer; on the other, cool! The new X-box 360 looks nice. I still have my original Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis (probably my worst console platform purchase, simply becuase I didn’t follow up with too many games – though I must say Sonic is rather fun…), and my Turbo Graphics 16.

    What’s that you say? You’ve never heard of a Turbo Graphics? Yeah, for some reason, it was not a huge hit in the US (and I have no idea why – it was/is a great console system), but it was #2 in Japan (Nintendo being #1, of course). It was the first 16-bit console system; it was the first console system to have a CD-ROM player that would play CD-ROM based games as well as music CDs (it was actually my first music CD player); its handheld system used THE SAME game cards AND was COLOR (unlike “Gameboy” which was neither color nor could use the same game cartridges); and you could get an adapter that allowed up to 5 players to play at once. “Bomberman” was (and still is) a great 5-player, multi-player PvP game. Its signature game-series was “Bonk” – you were basically a caveman dude with a really hard head that you would go around head-butting things to kill them (hence, “Bonk”).

    Hmmm…I think I need to go dust one or more of them off and play some of those old classics, seeing as I still have them…

  8. From my perspective? Not very old at all. From your? Probably ancient.

    Let’s just say I’m under 50 and leave it at that.

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