Mar 072014

The Mizza Zone

I mean, seriously! How could I NOT win? I am just THAT awesome! I mean, I am so awesome that whenever I look at someone, I win. Whenever I sit and eat waffles, I win. I am just so full of win that when I breathe, you all win too!

SO! For the past few days since my last blog Ive been playing Tomb Raider and oh my goody goodness of goodyness! Its an awesome game! It truly is. Unlike past tomb Raider games where Lara was already a badass, Square Enix decided to go back to before she was all hardcore. So the game in a way was a prelude to what I hope will be many many more awesome sequels. Also in the game, there was a much deeper story than what exsisted in past Tomb Raider games. This certainly made the RPGer in me very happy. Also, there were fewer puzzles. Alot fewer. The game is more focused on exploring, killing things & story than puzzles. First time through, I managed to get all but 3 of the single player achievments. So thats certainly not bad.

I played Halo 4 a bit as well, but not as much do to getting seriously wrapped up in the unfolding story in Tomb Raider. However, Iwas able to appreciate some things in Halo 4. For starters, in 3(a game I dont own yet), they brought back the Assault Rifle, a favorite of mine and my sisters. For some damned reason, they removed it from Halo 2(something that wasnt well liked). Also, they got rid of dual weilding. While I did enjoy it in Halo 2, I wasnt too keen on it so seeing it gone is kinda nice. So far, the story is alot deeper(at least to me), than it was in Halo 1 & 2. Its shows the more personal connection between the AI Cortanna & the Master Chief. Im still getting used to the controls. Theyre definetly different from the original Xbox days, but Im getting the hang of it!

Onto DDO stuffs!

So, before I got my 360, I made a pair of new characters on DDO. One is a Half Elf Favored Sould with Paladin thingy. The other is a Drow Tempest Ranger. The Drow was originally meant to be a pure shoot them in the face character but after looking through her racial enhancements I decided to remake her as a tempest. So far, shes dominated all lesser beings just as I expected she would. Shes currently almost done with Korthos having finished all the quests through Hard. My Favored Soul has yet to see any action but I get this feeling shell do quite well. She isnt going to be anything exciting. Ive never actually played a favored soul before so Im not quite sure what to do with her.

Well, Since beating Tomb Raider today, Im gonna take a small 360 break tomorrow and play DDO for a while before heading to the family BBQ. Ill definetly play on my Favored Soul a bit and if I have time, Ill hop onto Sarlona and see if I can yell, shout and scream at my favorite people who live there.

Anyways, that wraps up another Mizzablog, the place where awesome resides! Also, winning!


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  1. WHAT?!? You’re going to play DDO tomorrow, but not with ME?!? I see how you are…
    (Hehehe – no problemo; have fun with the family.}

    • I would but it’s gonna be late afternoon. Also, it’s mainly gonna be a pop on, check out the favored soul enhancements, see what’s what then head over to sarlona for a bit. πŸ™‚

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