Jul 312015

That is correct the elder wand of DDO….the most powerful wand…easily attainable and available for all willing to spend some Turbine points…..and take on some undead in an insane asylum.

Carried by all adventurers, a jack knife for one and all.

The wand that has saved many an adventurer in their time of troubles given them new life at a flick of their wrist!!

Eternal Wand of Cure Minor Wounds.jpg


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  1. Folks using this wand in Epic content between battles are, I swear, doing it specifically to drive the rest of the party absolutely ballistic. Lol

  2. It’s the wand of “Please don’t die!”

  3. LOL, the most powerful wand ever….

  4. To be honest, I really did run catacombs with my wife until I received this wand. It has its uses as it counts as a positive spell.

    Exalted Angel Blood and Radiance procs with this, so you can pre-charge Reborn In Light with this for no SP cost.

    Works also with Divine Crusader’s Empyrean Magic.

    Warlock’s “Feigned Health: When you cast spells on yourself or allies, you grant temporary hitpoints equal to [33/66/100]% of your Charisma” also seems to work. So instead of healing your friend for 1 points, you are doing a bit more, for no SP cost, for quite a long time.

    Eternal Wand of Nimbus Of Light can also be used with Blood and Radiance/Empyrean Magic and FvS Angel of Vengeance’s Scourge.

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