Jun 172015

The Doom of the Mad Lute

Yes children, gather round, for today we tell the sad tale of The Mad Lute.

Once upon a time, there was a lute. Not just any lute, mind you, but a special one that could be wielded like a weapon!

Can you imagine? Playing beautiful music one moment, Kabonging the bad guys in the next! They called this lute “the Mad Lute”, maybe because it was always mad at the bad guys?

And so the Mad Lute was very loved, and many people tried to find it even though it was a rare drop that was part of a long and difficult optional quest objective.

The Mad Lute
The Mad Lute

The Mad Lute was very beautiful. Someone spent a long time making it. Unique too, one of only a handful of class-specific Named weapons in all of Eberron, and the only one with such a different and special appearance.

Once, long ago, the bard Rancyd Danzig wanted one very, very badly. And so he persuaded everyone he knew to help him, running the Weapon Shipment quest over and over (including the optional!) until finally one day, the sun came out, the sky opened, golden sunbeams came pouring down and at last, at last! The Mad Lute appeared in the optional objective chest and Rancyd was able to loot the lute.

Oh the joy! The happiness! The exultation!

Except poor Rancyd was only level 17 but the Lute was so special and so difficult to learn that you had to be level 18 to use it. And so into the bank it went, waiting for Rancyd to get to level 18.

And then the game changed, and Rancyd went into the bank too, sort of, going all but unplayed for years and years, entering Eberron only for a quest here and there, on those rare occasions where someone needed very specific level 17 crowd control. Maybe five times in seven years? Poor Rancyd, gathering dust on the shelf, while his much beloved Mad Lute sat even less used in Rancyd’s bank for Lo! all those many years.

Then one day a magical thing happened, as the game changed again, and bards learned how to Swashbuckle and fight with one weapon! Suddenly there were bards everywhere in Eberron, swashbuckling here, swashbuckling there, swashbuckling everywhere!

Even Rancyd, poor neglected Rancyd, even he made it off the shelf. And suddenly, he was level 18! Oh the joy, at long last! Rancyd ran to the bank as fast as his little halfling legs would carry him.

“Please, please,” he said to the banking-man, anxiously, “please may I have my Mad Lute?”

And then he did. After all those quests, after all that begging, after all those years, Rancyd finally, finally! had his Mad Lute.

The Mad Lute, and Rancyd, in action

So he took a couple of screenshots with it and put it back in his bank, never to pull it out again.

The End

What a sad story. The poor Mad Lute, perfect but unused for all those years, and now, badly flawed but still unused. Because it is a two-handed weapon but all of the bards in Eberron now use only one-handed weapons.

All of them. Even Rancyd.

The moral of the story: now we need a Mad Flute. It would be one-handed, and hey, it even rhymes!

A Mad Flute?

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. I can’t count the guild runs for the best weapon in the game. Some of my bards are still after one πŸ˜›

    Also, Update 17 (aka Update Bound to Character on Equip), revamped it, it’s now even more Kabong for your buck!

  2. I think if they added a Mad Flute, the music major in me would have to have it! Doomdancer would no longer be languishing at level 6.

  3. Since the Drop Rate changes a few updates ago, these drop regularly, and from the main chests, not just the side optional. I’ve vendor trashed dozens, and still no bauble πŸ™

  4. Someone on a quest run with me shared my affection for the Lute’s nickname:


  5. Awesome! Who wants to create a hypothetical spreadsheet on potential revenue lost due to Turbine’s failure to offer an orchestral range of glamour-able single-weapon musical instrument “blanks” in the build up before Eberron went Bard Crazy! I’ve never bought a glamour but I would have for that, maybe three.
    Curious; Mad Flute released back around the time of the early Bard-Barian Warchanter craze?

    Hell, damn, you know what? Turbine should have signed the rights to some Death Metal guitar images. I would have collected all 6 …..6 …..6

  6. Isn’t the Moonhowl Axe the same skin as the Mad Lute?

  7. Rancid needs to become a Warchanter-Spellsinger Leave the swashbuckling to those effete dandies. Real bards weild madLutes.

  8. Sounds like your mad lute needs to become a cosmetic.

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