Aug 082016

The DDO Chronicle's 200th Issue
The Chronicle is 200! Click here for the latest edition.


I suspect that many of us take the Chronicle for granted. “Ho hum”, you may think, “another Chronicle, full of stuff that I already know”. But if you are reading this, you are among the group of DDO players that likes to keep informed, that actively reads DDO-related material, probably from multiple sources. The Chronicle is not for you: you are already DDO-informed.

The Chronicle is for everyone else. Those who like the game but do not spend time following it. Which – I am pretty confident – is a far larger group of players than that which does follow DDO outside of the game.

Besides, 200 of anything is pretty special. Anything. There is unexpected effort in being timely. Doing something noteworthy is great! Doing it again is harder. Doing it over and over, every week, for more than four years is … special.

Much like the articles you read here in DDOGamer, the DDO Chronicle is not going to win any Pulitzers. But that is not the point. Every issue of the Chronicle has:

  • A fully-rendered screenshot. often with camera angles or detail of the sort that can only be captured by someone at Turbine
  • A short blurb about one or more players and what they are doing in the DDO community
  • A guild recruiting announcement *
  • A “caption this” sort of comment contest with a Turbine Point prize. More than 100,000 Turbine Points have been given out over the years!
  • A section containing multiple links to blog sites, twitch streams, YouTube channels and current DDO Community events
  • The Screenshot of the Week – another weekly DDO tradition, now going on it’s 280th edition
  • A recap of the week’s official DDO or D&D-related news

* Hard to believe that there have been 200 separate guilds advertising every week for the last four years, but there have. Amazing.

That is a lot of content. With links to a lot more content.

In honor of the occasion, Turbine is giving away a free slice of raise cake! Lovely, lovely raise cake. Yum!

Have a slice of cake on us!

Get a FREE Siberys Cake in the DDO Store in-game using the coupon code CHRONICLE200 1/Account.

Coupon expires on August 31st

This cake is not a lie.


If the only thing you did was read the weekly Chronicle, you’d still be quite well informed. And that is the point.

200 issues. Congratulations, DDO team, and congratulations DDO!



🙂 😀 🙂



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  1. Cool, congrats to the Chronicle, and happy cake day!

  2. yes, huge Congratz Jerry

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