The Codex Saga

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Feb 102016

The Codex Saga

Now that we have seen the return of long-term storytelling, with a story arc that lasted through all of 2015, I think it is time to return to Sagas.

I mean, what is a saga if not a collection of story-driven quests that take an entire year to unfold? What else would you call the story of the Codex of Infinite Planes? Go ahead, think … see? There is nothing else to call it. It is a “Saga”, and that is all there is to it.

Still unsure? Perhaps a recap is in order:

At the beginning of the year, we started encountering these Mysterious Remnant, scraps of some larger book or magical scroll. The bad guys in the Temple of Elemental Evil collected them into scrolls and used the scrolls to unseal the temple, and raise their fungal demon princess Zuggtmoy.

Then the remnants started showing up in Eberron too, and especially, in Amrath, where they caused the Archons no end of grief. By now We knew that the scrolls were part of some sort of codex. We had to go to Amrath and deal with several scroll-related issues, personally.

But we were not the only ones to notice; Arraetrikos, Pit Fiend and defeated former foe, noticed too and began gathering the scrolls up into a book. He used the scrolls to power up several of his lieutenants, raiding magical artifacts all over Stormreach, again requiring our personal involvement.

Finally, he did it again as he acquired the final pieces of his puzzley-plan and assembled the Codex in full. And again, we were there to oppose him and his aides and his foolhardy scheme.

Assuming it was his scheme at all; the Codex itself seems quite capable of such machinations, perhaps even containing enough power to manipulate a Pit Fiend into doing it’s bidding unknowingly.

But regardless, there we were to defeat it, and them, and everyone. Like always.

Sure does sound like a saga to me. Very, very saga-like.

Except in DDO, a saga means more than just a series of stories that weave together into a heroic legend; in DDO, sagas are quantifiable entities of their own, things that one can complete and for which one earns rewards.

Which brings us to the whole point of this: Why isn’t there a Codex Saga? It certainly qualifies from the perspective of scale. Look at all the quests that would compose the saga:

Eleven quests of varying length and difficulty. How does this compare with the other, already-existing sagas? Quite favorably. Here, see for yourself:

Paddrog enlists Coin Serf in his gianthold crusade

Paddrog enlists Coin Serf into his Gianthold crusade

Fidilee: 25 quests
Gizla: 11 quests
Horton: 24 quests
Istine: 11 quests
Antone: 16 quests
Belvedere: 16 quests
Lady Azana: 13 quests
Cassiopia: 10 quests
Paddrog: 10 quests

The new saga would fit right in there.

I imagine the saga-giver should be one of the Gatekeepers? It is a uniquely Eberron-based saga. Perhaps another Gatekeeper residing in the Hall of Heroes? No, wait, in Meridia! Yes, that makes more sense, Meridia.

The new saga should have similar rewards to the other similarly-sized sagas, meaning it should conform to the same rewards as Paddrog or Istine: somewhere around 90K XP, a choice of four skill tomes, or 15K guild renown (when all of the quests are completed on Elite).

It would need a snappier name than just “the Codex Saga”. Something like “Peril of the Infinite Planes”? That sounds fairly saga-like.

What do you think? Should there be a Codex Saga? Can you think of a better name for it?

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  1. Quest givers; three gnomes, Hi, my name is Dev. This is my sister Dee and this is… My other sister Dee.

    Seriously, now that you have layed it out, if another saga is on the horizon, I can’t come up with a better one. The WW, Shanty Kor, and onwards might vie for consideration but I think Codex gets my vote.

  2. Agree 100% on new saga’s. Then all we need is an extra tab to the Adventure Compendium that lets you track your saga progress. Much like the one we all did a design for as part of the application for the 2014 Player Council.

  3. I’d concur with you, Geoff, “The Peril of the Infinite Planes” is a suitable full title. The thing is, we will all just call it the “Codex Saga” anyway, like “Epic Gianthold Saga”, instead of whatever it is called…

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