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The Case For Gnomes

When we do a new race at some point in the far unannounced future which I am in no way committing to it would be gnomes. With cosmetic and tree options for Deep Gnomes if we can do that, but mostly because I am a fan of Svirfneblin and I would be using my position as Producer to unfairly push for those options.


This quote from DDO producer Severlin came out in a forum thread titled “Future Content for DDO” from a user named Shanzookie that wants Anti-Paladins, a selection of new races, and the Dark Sun world as a new expansion.

These kinds of threads appear all the time. Sometimes they get debated, sometimes ignored, but rarely draw any attention from Turbine. But this time, without warning, boom! Severlin drops the Gnome Bomb.

There are lots of reasons why we need gnomes. For the sake of brevity, I will limit myself to only the most obvious:

First Edition D&D GnomeReason #1: There have always been gnomes in D&D. Always. They were one of the very first races, although if I recall correctly they could only be Illusionists?

Look at the little guy! Cute little armor, cute little beard, cute little hatchet that might be capable of severing a pinkie finger, maybe. Tell me that First Edition D&D gnome has no place in DDO?

Reason #2: DDO hasn’t had a new race since Half-Orcs/Half-Elves (Iconics don’t count!) and we need the shake up. Adding another race that happens to be essentially human is not going to do it; we need something completely new and completely different, yet still something that fits the game and the game history.

Like gnomes.

Imagine the re-playability! New abilities! New enhancements! New weapon animations! New everything.

Reason #3: humorously out-scale weaponry. Nothing looks as bad-ass as a tiny gnome waving around a gigantic two-handed weapon that is twice his (or her) size.

Reason #4: my Gamer Girl always plays gnomes in every MMO she’s tried. Always. You would make her day.

But mainly it is the re-playability.

We want gnomes, Turbine wants to give us gnomes, it really does seem like something we should make happen.

So. Let’s make it happen!

Gnome sweet gnome
Gnome, gnome on the range
Gnome away from gnome
Gnome is where the heart is

Even though I will never find a rhyme for Svirfneblin.

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. Svirfneblin – Gnome for the win?

  2. PSSSTTT! That’s a hammer πŸ˜›

  3. Step 1: Gnomes
    Step 2: ?
    Step 3: Profit!

  4. I would love to see gnomes too. The argument (I always hear), against, is that is wouldn’t be true to the Eberron campaign or something. I don’t understand that argument. Are there novels I didn’t read? lol. I know in my campaigns I mixed a little Dragonlance in, but I’m pretty sure, as you say, gnomes have been there since the start (for Eberron). I would poop-my-pants if I got to play a gnome artificer. πŸ˜‰

  5. Oh my. Sev WENT THERE. And he’s raving power-mad as producer to do it!

    I like that guy. πŸ™‚

  6. The gnome illusionist wouldn’t be terribly effective in DDO without the addition of stronger illusion spells. I can’t think of a sorc/wiz illusion spell above Phantasmal Killer that’s REALLY effective

  7. Click your heels together three times and say “There’s no race like Gnome”

    (sorry, couldn’t resist)

  8. Gnome SLA: mass frog

  9. A character of the gnome race can select to be a fighter (maximum of 6th
    level), an illusionist (maximum of 7th level), a thief, or an assassin
    (maximum of 8th level). It is also possible for a gnome character to be two
    classes at the some time (a fighter/illusionist, o fighter/thief, or an
    illusionist/thief, for example).

  10. I’d personally prefer to have Kobolds as a playable race… The character models are already there. And we’d all get +1 to jump per level.

  11. . Plus 2 to con and Int minus 2 str.
    Illusion focus feat for free.
    Endless source of amusement.
    What’s not to love?

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