Jul 012014

Rum Flask Vote!

Last week I mentioned that I was working on another Bottomless Flask of Rum. Unsurprisingly, I succeeded, in that no skill is needed to win a Bottomless Flask of Rum. Unless you consider the patience and tolerance needed to defeat 8,950 skeletons and endure the constant shrill cries of kobolds to be a skill.

Actually, now that I write that all out, it is sort of a skill. Or perhaps a sickness. I am not sure.

Regardless, persistence pays off and I am once again the proud possessor of more than 5500 Dragonshards and all of the copious piles of gems needed to craft the Flask.

Except now I am in a quandary. Who gets it?

I originally thought it would be Sparksy, my OMG Artificer, who has UMD healing and also a really nifty-yet-awkward healing in the form of Critical Admixture, an area of effect Cure Critical Wounds that you have to throw at your target. If you are healing yourself you must be close enough to the target to be included in the AoE.

Which is awkward when one is jumping and twisting and hoping to stay alive. Thus, the Flask.

But I didn’t use Sparksy in the Cove, instead I executed most of the Cove runs for the flask on my capped wizard Ejecta because Dimension Door is so handy for this challenge. Ejecta has no designed self-healing, instead relying on Silver Flame potions which work very well but using one is expensive, and there is a side effect that slows you, drastically, for 30 seconds.

Also awkward when one is jumping and twisting and hoping to stay alive. A Flask would solve that problem immediately.

And then I started thinking. Chelena Armstrong (the World’s Strongest Halfling) has the dragonmark of healing, but having the Flask too would really extend that capability since the Flask is re-usable every five minutes while the dragonmarks only reset when you shrine. It would be huge for her.

And poor Knicker has no healing at all. She requires a dedicated healer. I’ll be redoing her when she caps, she is my next TR project, yet I cannot imagine a version of her that wouldn’t be greatly improved by the addition of the Flask.

Oriental Adventures, my current TR project, has Fists of Light healing and the halfling dragonmarks. He’s already in pretty good shape. Brymn is a cleric. Coin has UMD healing but really doesn’t play that often. Everyone else is still in the Heroic levels. Maybe they could use the Flask, but they’ll have to wait their turn. It’s too early to tell for sure.

That still leaves four different characters with valid claims on the Flask. So … who gets it? Sparksy? Ejecta? Chelena? Knicker? What do you think?

At least I didn’t do what my poor Gamer Girl did last year, running the Cove on her Cleric for expedience but meaning to give the Flask to another character, not noticing that the Flask was Bind-To-Character. All those skeletons, all those shrill kobolds, all for nothing. Ai yi yi.

But I digress. Vote, everyone! Help me out of the endless quandary!

πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ πŸ™‚

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  1. You, um…do know that your arty can target herself and throw a pot, right?

    At least, I’m pretty sure you can…

    • Nope. Sometimes she can face the wall, or better, up a set of stairs, and then she can hit herself. But ts dicey and hard to do under stress.

      • Mouse look at look directly up before throwing?

        And yeah, under stress is, well, um, stressful.

      • BTW – tested throwing a pot at myself (on my Arty toon, of course) and it did work. F1 to target self, hotbar 6 (or whatever number it was) – cue arm-throw motion… and splat: +22 green number floating overhead.

        For what it’s worth. Still, under stress – much harder to do.

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